Lily Swan, Robert Shore in the video: Thieving Lily - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Thieving Lily - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Thieving Lily - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4

Model: Lily Swan, Robert Shore
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 511,8 MB

Description: Lily had been summoned to see The Coach after her team mates had learnt that she was responsible for all their missing items. Lily was a thief and had no excuse as there was also CCTV footage of her stealing content to back up all the girls complaints. They wanted her punished or kicked out of the squad. Coach decided that she should take a hard humiliating spanking across her bare bottom and would ensure that all the other girls would know what had happened. Lily really understand that stealing had very real and painful consequences! This is a good hard OTK hand spanking film of Lily at her squirming best!
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