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Cover Tricked Into Trance Therapy - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Tricked Into Trance Therapy - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

Model: Chrissy Marie
Studio: captivechrissymarie

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:12:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 658,1 MB

Description: It’s the end of Chrissy’s first session with her new therapist and he has given her a lot of great advice on how to improve her marriage. She tells him all her friends referred her to female therapists, but she decided to go against their advice and try a male therapist this time. Turns out she picked one who has some rather unconventional techniques, and she is just the type he likes to practice them on! She is about to leave and thanking him for seeing her on short notice when he tells her he has one more exercise he would like her to try before she goes. “Why not, I’m already here” she says. Thats when he pulls a crystal out of his pocket and starting slowly waving it in fronton her face. She isn’t sure what is happening and why she can’t help but follow it’s motion with her eyes. Then she starts to feel really sleepy and he can tells it’s working! Her eyes grow heavier and heavier and he begins to count back from three then says “REST”! Chrissy’s eyes immediately roll back and close and she fall back onto the couch completely . He checks her limbs and her eyes just to be sure she it really worked, and sure enough she is deeply under his spell!

He begins to implant some suggestions into her mind, telling her that when he snaps his fingers she will wake up, however she will be in a deep trance and under his full control and will obey all of his commands. He decides to test it out with something playful, telling her that when he snaps his fingers she will wake up believing that she is a kitty. He snaps and she opens her eyes and then starts meowing and licking her ‘paws’ just like a kitty does! She stretches some more, showing off her ass in her tight yoga pants, and he decides it’s time to take it to the next level! He says “REST” and she falls on the floor. He tells her that next time he snaps his finger she will wake up feeling like she’s been a bad girl! So bad that she needs to punished and gives herself a spanking while says “I’m a bad, bad girl!” He snaps and she wakes up and does just that, spanking her ass hard until he tells her to stop and sit down on the couch. He puts her back to rest yet again, this time telling her that next time she wakes up she is going to feel like she is allergic to her clothes and needs to get them off as quickly as possible! He snaps his fingers and she wakes up and starts freaking out! She is itching all over and realizes it’s her clothes, then rips everything off as fast as possible until she is fully nude! Then he makes her bend over and show off her ass which is nice and rosy from her hard self spanking. Now for the really fun part!

Chrissy is put back to rest and he tells her that the next time he wakes her up she is going to be very horny and try to seduce him with sexy lap dance! He snaps his fingers then sits back and enjoys the show! Then out of no where he says “AWAKE” which is the trigger to bring her back to reality! She snaps out of her trance and looks down realizing she is completely naked! Confused and embarrassed, she frantically tries to cover herself, but before she can really figure out what’s happening, he says “REST” and her head and arms fall while she remains standing. He decides that enough for the first session. He tells her that when he snaps his fingers she will put back on all her clothes, and she does so with her eyes still glazed in a trance. When finished she sits down on the couch, staring blankly forward. One final time he says “REST” and she is falls on the couch almost exactly how the adventure started! He tells her then when he brings her back to she will remember nothing of what happened. All she will know is she had a great therapy session and will have to continue coming back for more! He says “AWAKE” and she slowly opens her eyes and comes back to reality. She is a little dazed and confused, but admits she feels really great and that his techniques must have really worked! She is going to definitely take his advice and can’t wait for next week’s session. She leaves completely unaware that she was tricked into a trance by her new therapist and remains subconsciously under his control!
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