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Model: John Osborne, Angelica Vee
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 725,8 MB

Description: Angelica's foul language is out of control and she has been sent home by Coach for her potty mouth after he gave her a spanking. Daddy is waiting upstairs and calls her as he has been told what happened earlier. His precious girl demonstrates exactly what the problem is when she starts to swear at him and she is immediately taken over his lap receiving her second punishment of the day. He is so upset with her attitude that her continuing foul language means he will have another form of discipline in store for her later. When she asks, he replies that it "is a little something you'll find out." Angelica's bare sore bottom is given a further hard hand spanking that has her squirming and kicking her legs as his painful hand teaches a much needed lesson. When she continues to swear, he tells her to get up, pulls her ear and takes her to the bathroom for the next part of her punishment... a mouth soaping! Angelica's dirty "cakehole" is given repeated and very frothy, sudsy soapings in an intense scene, with her now far more contrite and humbled. As well as the mouthsoaping, her sore bottom is still on view, something she never anticipated and finds extremely embarrassing. If she wishes to behave in such a foul manner at home or at cheer practice then this will be the way Angelica will be disciplined from now on. This is Angelica's first mouthsoaping!
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