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Model: Tiffany Jones, Lucy Bailey
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:54:04
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 795,7 MB

Description: Featuring Lucy Bailey and Tiffany (from the Tiffany Jones Trilogy) Temperature Rising Higher continues the story from Temperature Rising in which Sister Bottomley was punished by Doctor Davis for taking the law into her own hands and spanking pretty young Nurse Darling. Sisters punishment continues and this time the Doctor enlists the assistance of young Nurse Darling to help him punish Sister. They make Sister adopt a variety of different positions and proceed to receive the hairbrush, slipper, paddle and strap. The punishment is both severe and prolonged. When Doctor Davis is satisfied he sends Sister on her way so that he can have a private word with Nurse Darling. He confronts the young nurse with the accusation that she is purposely making mistakes in order to provoke punishments from Sister. He accuses her of endangering patient care because she enjoys punishment. When she fails to deny this, he suggests a medical experiment to determine if she is indeed enjoying being spanked. He proceeds to spank her and then asks Sister to return to check if this nurse is enjoying herself. Examination confirms the Doctors diagnosis, and this being the case, both Doctor and Sister decide that further punishment of Nurse is in order. The following punishment and the way that the Nurse responds is one of the most erotic scenes we have ever produced. Finally, as a fitting climax to their punishments, both Sister and Nurse receive the cane.
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