Belle & Lucy In Double Clamp Predicament - UkCuteGirl - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Belle & Lucy In Double Clamp Predicament - UkCuteGirl - HD/MP4
Screenlist - Belle & Lucy In Double Clamp Predicament - UkCuteGirl - HD/MP4

Model: Lucy Lauren, Belle O'Hara
Studio: UkCuteGirl

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:10:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 217,3 MB

Description: Belle is back and she's secured to me in a tantalizing predicament. Our hands are high above our heads secured with metal cuffs to keep us on our tip toes, whilst we drool over ourselves in ball gags. That's just the start! A sadistic domme attaches harsh, clover nipple clamps from each of our nipples to the opposing girls nipple. We squeal as they applied to our tender nipples. If one of us moves, even a centimeter, it yanks in the other girls nipples as well as our own but its hard to stay still whilst we are made, by the cuffs, to stand on our onto our tip toes. By now the drool is already pouring out of our mouths as we try our hardest to stay still and avoid the agonizing tor,ture of the clamps pulling at our nipples. Still writhing from the pain in our nipples, MORE clover clamps are attached to our pussy lips from one girl to the other meaning if one of us moves too far the opposing girls pussy lips will be practically pulled off haha! Once we are connected to each other via nasty clover clamps to both our pussy's and nipples the sadistic domme continues to taunt us dripping wax over our breasts while we scream incapable of getting away. I feel bad for Belle when I react so much to the hot wax on my breasts I yank at both of the clamps making her yelp. I just can't help it! Still the torment continues with an evil pin wheel and whips. Drool is everywhere and the pain is nearly unbearable but I'm still facing Belle looking into her eyes and my pussy is dripping! I hope hers is too!
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