Principal Spanks Student Then Student Retaliates - punishedbrats - SD/MP4

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Cover Principal Spanks Student Then Student Retaliates - punishedbrats - SD/MP4
Screenlist Principal Spanks Student Then Student Retaliates - punishedbrats - SD/MP4

Model: Audrey, Mari
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:18:35
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 736 MB

Description: Party Aftermath: Mari, the head of the student body, was called to Miss Audrey's office. Mari was stunned when she learned that Miss Audrey was fully aware of the fact that she was behind the large, raucous party on campus that ended up in a riot. Mari's heart sank was she was informed that her punishment was a hard spanking with the paddle.

As the head of the the student government, Mari found her punishment painful in more than one way. This sort of spanking would clearly leave marks that would remain for several days making it impossible for her to hide what have been done. Mari was required to spend time in the corner with a red marked bottom on display when her punishment with the paddle was at an end

Miss Audrey, Spanked By A Student
Mari never could get over the spanking she suffered at the hands and paddle of Miss Audrey. Planning her revenge, she found pictures that the principal had taken a year or two before in which Miss Audrey was naked. Mari presented Audrey with two options: Either she accept a hard spanking from her, or the pictures would be released to the school's Board of Governors. Audrey agreed to the spanking.

As head of the student council, Mari found her punishment severely humiliating as well as physically painful. She enjoyed giving her principal a hard spanking and the way each spank made her kick, cry, and wiggle. After her spanking, Miss Audrey was placed in the corner with her bottom on display as Mari observed, enjoying her handiwork.
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