Maid To Be Naughty - goodspanking - SD/MP4

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Cover Maid To Be Naughty - goodspanking - SD/MP4
Screenlist Maid To Be Naughty - goodspanking - SD/MP4

Model: Carolyn Reese, Venus De Light
Studio: goodspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:32:19
Resolution: 710x478
Size: 557,8 MB

Description: It isn't easy to work for a perfectionist like Miss Eleanor, the famous author of "Gracious Living" books. Eleanor's lovely maid, Felicity, learns that even minor housekeeping infractions lead to stinging spankings on her naughty, bare behind. But Felicity chooses to stay on because of the fringe benefits. The larcenous lass is constantly removing more than dust from Eleanor's apartment. But Felicity isn't quite clever enough. When a pair of emerald earrings are dislodged during a discipline spanking, Felicity must endure added punishment and suffer the humiliation of performing her duties naked except for stockings, apron and her maid's cap. But Eleanor isn't altogether honest, either. When Felicity catches her employer in an act of blatant plagiarism, it's the haughty mistress who's in for some embarrassing bare bottom distress.
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