Supernanny Spankings - TheDaceyHarlot - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Supernanny Spankings - TheDaceyHarlot - Full HD/MP4
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Model: Dacey Harlot, Misty Meaner
Studio: TheDaceyHarlot

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:09:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 723,2 MB

Description: Your stepMom Dacey is at the end with you! You're rude, messy, smelly and disrespectful! She finally reached out to a well respected Supernanny, Ms. Meaner, she's known for being the strictest and meanest Supernanny around! Ms. Meaner tells your stepMom Dacey that she will be whipping you right into shape, she has your stepMom Dacey go out for a relaxing day while she does some intensive 1on1 discipline! Dacey scolds you and tells you to do exactly what Ms. Meaner says!

Once she leaves Ms. Meaner stands up and scolds you for disrespecting your stepParents. She smells you, you smell terrible! She demands you strip your clothes and humiliates you for how disgusting you are! She demands you bend over her knee for a spanking before you start your chores today too! You are such a naughty boy, she's not even sure just her hand will cut it today! She briefly hand spanks you on your bottom before switching to your stepMothers hairbrush. She doesn't care what you want, you'll be learning your lesson today! You will obey your stepMothers every wish from now on, you're hurting her everyday with your behavior, Ms. Meaner will spank you until you get it through your head! You will do your chores, bath yourself regularly and be motivated! ...and if not? Ms. Meaner will come back with a belt, or maybe even a wooden spoon!! Ms. Meaner scolds you as she spanks your bottom, telling you exactly how things will be going forward. She's going to make a respectful boy out of you, and she'll keep spanking you until she's sure you understand!

Ms. Meaner lets you know that she will be teaching your stepMother proper disciplining so she can do this punishment herself going forward! By the time she gets back you are expected to do a list of chore given to do by Ms. Meaner, it's time to get to work! That sore bottom will keep you motivated and off your lazy bottom!
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