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Model: Domina Scarlet, Bella Bird
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:14:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 868,4 MB

Description: Bella only thinks of herself, as her mother is all too aware of and this latest incident reinforces just what a naughty selfish girl she is at home. Before going to cheer practice, Bella has cleared the furniture from the large Living Room so she can stretch and practice her routines... after all, she knows she is the best cheerleader at school, and practice makes perfect! Unfortunately for her, she forgets that in an hour, her mother has a Book Club meeting and the furniture and sofas had all been carefully arranged in the impressive room. Mom (Mistress Scarlet) finds Bella practicing and scolds her selfish girl before deciding she needs further discipline since she should know that she can not do anything without first asking for permission. Bella is spanked hard over the maternal lap, the hard-hitting hand leaves Bella's bare bottom, aching and red... but there is more to come. Next will be a harsh leathering with the dreaded "Family Strap" - for which the naughty miscreant is told to go and fetch for this to take place. How humiliating! What follows is an epic leather strapping and scolding from Scarlet as she continues to punish her girl, reminding her nothing in this house is done without her permission! Fans of Bella and Scarlet will love this film, and of course, it will appeal to connoisseurs of good old-fashioned spankings in an authentic cheer uniform.
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