Tammy's Shame - dreamsofspanking - SD/MP4

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Cover Tammy's Shame - dreamsofspanking - SD/MP4
Screenlist Tammy's Shame - dreamsofspanking - SD/MP4

Model: Zoe Montana, Pandora Blake
Studio: dreamsofspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:58
Resolution: 720x576
Size: 590 MB

Description: It's a panty inspection and the hairbrush for Pandora Blake, who has been caught yet again by Zoe Montana in a very compromising position.

Tammy's learning the rules - she knows now that it's important to take off her skirt and show her school knickers as soon as she gets to Ms. Howard's office, and that if she doesn't get all her work done there will always be consequences. But she still has her naughty streak, and sometimes she gets a little distracted and carried away...

When the Housemistress returns unexpectedly and catches Tammy exposing herself to some of the local boys through the window, she has the misbehaving little girl over her lap before she knows what's coming to her. After the hardest bare-bottom hairbrush spanking of her life, Tammy hopes she's paid the price - but Ms. Howard and her cane have other ideas. Starting with some time in the corner, Tammy's dirty panties displayed in her smart mouth.
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