No More Broken Promises - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4

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Model: John Osborne, Ciara Momoko Bubblezz
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:13:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 770,7 MB

Description: Please welcome Ciara Momoko Bubblezz (pronounced Si-air-rah Bubbles) in her first spanking film online. This is a classic tale of a cheer girl not making good on her promises. She has been failing to turn up on time, despite many warnings... as well as promising that she could perform the forward rolls required for the squad's latest routine. During a local competition, she froze when she had to do her part of the routine, much to the annoyance and anger of her coach and the other girls. If she wants to remain in the squad and keep her prized scholarship, she will learn to keep promises with renewed impetus from a hard hand spanking followed by a special leather paddling. Coach Osborne spanks her over his lap with his firm hand on her bared bottom as it quickly turns a shameful red. Then he places her in a forward position over the bench as he continues to spank her exposed, quivering bottom before using the heavy paddle across her reddened cheeks of shame. Afterward, her sore bottom glowing from the coach's punishment, she is left to contemplate her actions. She promises to do better in the future or face being benched and thrown out of the cheer squad.
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