500 Spanks - Virginia Dentata - Full HD/MP4

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Screenlist 500 Spanks - Virginia Dentata - Full HD/MP4

Model: Virginia Dentata
Studio: Virginia Dentata

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:23:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 747,4 MB

Description: I’m a huge masochist and I was in the mood for pain, so my partner gave me the punishment I deserve: 500 spanks over the knee, each one counted out loud. It started out painful, making me squirm and whimper, but it wasn’t long until the pain melted into pleasure and I was moaning and grinding on her leg instead. The better it felt the harder it was to count, but luckily she was there to keep me on track since I’m too much of a dumb little pain slut to remember how to count. She spread my pussy and rubbed my clit and that made my brain short circuit even more. I even came while humping her knee (very embarrassing!). Finally, we reached 500, but I wasn’t quite ready to be done. I can cum just from pain, so I asked her to spank me until I cum, and she obliged. My head was in the clouds by the time we were done.
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