Kiki Gets What She Deserves - aaaspanking - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Kiki Gets What She Deserves - aaaspanking - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Kiki Gets What She Deserves - aaaspanking - Full HD/MP4

Model: Kiki Cali, Ethan Ardent
Studio: aaaspanking

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 747,2 MB

Description: This is a typical tale of new step-siblings who clash when one takes advantage of the other. In this case, it is Kiki who has been taking advantage of the good nature of her new step-brother. She behaves poorly at home and knows exactly who to blame when things go wrong and now there is a reckoning. Ethan is fed up taking the fall for her and she should know better. He works hard and knows exactly how to deal with such a wayward young lady by giving her a spanking which he knows instills discipline. Kiki tries to wriggle out of her punishment but he takes her over his lap anyway and begins to spank her with his hard hand. As she complains and answers back, he further humiliates her by spanking her without the protection of her undergarments. Her bottom burns but the wooden hairbrush that she spies next to her is to be also used across her bare vulnerable backside. This really grabs her attention and he doesn't hold back, lecturing and scolding his bratty stepsister until he is satisfied she knows how to behave in the future. She learns her lesson, rubbing her sore aching bottom, and promises to do better knowing that she fully deserved this punishment!
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