Bedtime Belting For Christy Cutie - Full Movie - assumethepositionstudios - HD/MP4

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Cover Bedtime Belting For Christy Cutie - Full Movie - assumethepositionstudios - HD/MP4
Screenlist Bedtime Belting For Christy Cutie - Full Movie - assumethepositionstudios - HD/MP4

Model: Christy Cutie
Studio: assumethepositionstudios

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:39:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: Pt1 - Stack those pillows up, princess, Christy does as StepDaddy tells her, placing the pillows in the center of her bed before bending over them...waiting in anticipation for her looming punishment. StepDaddy unfastens his leather belt, doubling it over before applying it hard to Christy's pajama bottoms. Christy's eyes bulge in shock and pain as the first lick of StepDaddy's belt lands on her fat little bottom. Each proceeding lick seems to bite her tender hindquarters even more painfully! Her bottom jiggles and bounces as the crisp leather lands with hearty THWACKS! StepDaddy continues to whip her with his belt for several more moments, before yanking down Christy's pajama pants to reveal her sweet little panties. Christy whimpers anew...knowing the worst was yet to come! Pt2 - StepDaddy had already given me a very long hand spanking and a does of his heavy belt, but my spanking was nowhere near being over. StepDaddy pulled down my pj bottoms and yanked down my matching polka dot panties...a chill ran through my body...I knew my bottom was about to be beaten VERY hard...spankings always got more severe once your panties got taken down and you naughty little bottom was bared. StepDaddy grabbed his leather belt again, and began to wale on my peachy globes. The leather seared into my flesh, raising fiery welts on my vulnerable little hiney! I continued to whimper and squeal as StepDaddy beat me from the top of my bottom all the way down to my very sensitive thighs! Pt3 - Christy refuses to get up and fetch the paddle when her StepDaddy tells her to, as penalty for her disobedience StepDaddy makes her bend over a stack of pillows and present her bare bottom for severe cane strokes! StepDaddy raps the stingy latex cane on Christy's rosy cheeks very hard and very fast, each stroke makes an angry red stripe form across the taught flesh. Christy struggles to stay still and hold position during the ordeal. She jumps and wiggles, crying out and weeping as the pain crescendos intensely! StepDaddy pauses to let his babygirl catch her breath, take a break, he says but we're not done here. Pt4 - StepDaddy is now rubbing cooling oil on to my very sore and very hot bottom. As he massages the soothing oil into my tender skin I let out a sigh of feels so good to have my excruciatingly tender flesh tended to in this manner; I feel as though I were melting away into a blissful state...but then StepDaddy reached for the rattan cane! My heart began to race, I've had enough spankings to know that anytime your bottom is wet, be it from water, lotion, or in this case massage oil, you were in for a particularly painful beating!! I nearly lept off the bed as the first stroke of StepDaddy's cane met my tender bottom with a resounding WHOOSH and a CRACK!!! The cane stuck to my oily posterior,causing the striking sensation to intensify tenfold! I whimpered, cried, and plead with StepDaddy, but the painful caning did not stop!
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