Personal Training - Complete Series - assumethepositionstudios - Full HD/MP4

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Cover Personal Training - Complete Series - assumethepositionstudios - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Personal Training - Complete Series - assumethepositionstudios - Full HD/MP4

Model: Chrissy Marie
Studio: assumethepositionstudios

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:52:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,3 GB

Description: Chrissy Marie keeps her nubile body in perfect shape in the gym. Showing off her sensual curves to the delight of fellow gym members, she has a constant distraction. For personal trainer at several talks with her about her skimpy attire. She has arranged for a personal training session in her home. Dressed provocatively, she begins to stretch. Flaunting her beautiful tits and I barely covering sports bra for your viewing pleasure. Skin tight spandex covers her pretty little ass, pulling them down to reveal a pristine white thong, wiggling and teasing. Her personal trainer arrives to find her stretching provocatively over balance ball. He is irritated over to missed training sessions that she failed to cancel. One of her goals was personal accountability and Discipline and he will help train her in the most painful way possible. Scolding her for slutty clothing she laughs nervously to threaten her with Discipline. She agrees to except his training even if it means having her bottom beaten with a strap! Balancing over the ball, her bottom is pushed up and vulnerable. The thick leather razor strop soon has her whimpering as it cracks down on the skin tight spandex. Her bottom is presented perfectly over the balance ball for discipline. Pulling down the shiny spandex to reveal her red swollen bottom. A skimpy white thong is all that is left for protection. Her breasts are pulled out of her top for added humiliation. Pulling her thong up in a humiliating wedgy, she is strapped until sobbing and sorry. Tears roll down her pretty face as her exposed bottom is beaten harshly. With tears rolling down her face she is ordered off the ball. Instructed to remove her bra, she bends over with her hands on the wall. Swollen bottom pushed out for the paddle, a personal training session she will never forget. Her bottom is paddled purple as she continues to cry pitifully. Her beautiful breasts jiggling with each swat as she sniffles through her sobbing. Face and bottom camera capture every swat of this beautiful topless girl taking her well deserved Discipline. Stripped nude save her tiny thong which will soon be pulled down around her thighs, Chrissy Marie lays obediently over her trainers lap. His big hand and specs and prices for breeze her his big hand inspects and caresses her bruised cheeks before removing her panties. Smacking down harshly, and pretty swollen bottom bounced and flattens under his heavy hand. Again reduced to whimpering cries as she promises to be a good girl. He soothes her scorched skin, applying oil and massaging her punished flesh.
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