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Cover Family Business - Full Movie - worstbehaviorproductions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Family Business - Full Movie - worstbehaviorproductions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Stevie Rose, Veda Rose, Skylar Rose
Studio: worstbehaviorproductions

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:28:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 3,8 GB

Description: Part1 - Skylar often takes advantage of Stevie showing up for work late on a regular basis. Stevie is fed up with her lazy attitude and decides to utilize some immediate workplace discipline. Pulling Skylar over her lap to spank her jean encased bottom as she scolds. Pulling down her jeans to punish her on her exposed bottom. Stevie reaches for the hairbrush and sets poor Skylar’s little bottom ablaze. Ordering Skylar to stand up and bend over the desk, her panties are pulled down for a healthy dose of the strap. Counting the licks, Skylar promises to never to be late again. Part 2- Stevie catches Veda looking at spanko porn on her company computer. Already in a sour mood after spanking Skylar, Stevie isn’t going to put up with any more behavior from either of them. Veda is bent over her work chair for a stinging dose of big step-sister’s hand. Crying out from the beginning, her shorts are pulled down to have every inch of her cheeks punished. Jiggling, throbbing red bottom, gasping under painful application of the hairbrush. Veda wishes she could control her horny behavior, humiliated as she bends her bare bottom over the desk. Stevie straps her thoroughly as she counts the strokes and promises not to watch porn at work. Part 3 - Veda and Skylar receive their paychecks from Stevie only to discover that they are incorrect. Since Veda and Skylar just got punished for breaking the rules they decide it is only fair if Stevie is punished too. Skylar and Veda take Stevie over their bottoms for a hard and long hand spanking followed by a severe dose of the hairbrush. Part 4 - The Big Boss is furious that his employees have been messing around, spanking each other, and not getting any work done. Since they like spankings so much he decides it is his turn to punish each girl for their work infractions.
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