Bad Bad Neighbour - Well Spanked Bottom - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Bad Bad Neighbour - Well Spanked Bottom - HD/MP4
Screenlist Bad Bad Neighbour - Well Spanked Bottom - HD/MP4

Model: Rose Cavendish
Studio: Well Spanked Bottom

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: Rose's next door neighbour has a really bad habit. She's always borrowing things from her and never returns them. Constantly she comes to the house for more things but never returns any of the things she has borrowed.
Today she has brought back some things from a while ago. But today Rose is not having it! She's fed up to the back teeth with such disrespectful behaviour and she's going to do something about it!
So without any warning she grabs the younger woman and flings her over her knee. She gives her a rapid no nonsense spanking immediately and doesn't stop until she delivers the message in a way that the younger woman cannot mistake!
The shock on her face is clear but Rose is now determined to teach her the error of her ways.
Thus begins a corrective spanking for a bad bad neighbour. She won't be telling fibs again in a hurry!
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