Stolen Credit Card - Bad Lizzy Productions - SD/MOV

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Exclusive Cover Stolen Credit Card - Bad Lizzy Productions - SD/MOV
Screenlist Stolen Credit Card - Bad Lizzy Productions - SD/MOV

Model: Lizzy Lochart
Studio: Bad Lizzy Productions

Format: mov
Duration: 00:10:11
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 325,7 MB

Description: Yes! I got in a lot of trouble in my schooldays. I thought I was a normal girl growing up except for the one secret I always had. I liked guys as well as girls. And for some strange reason, spanking or watching a girl get paddled made me HOT!!! One day when I was rather young, I wont say what grade or what year, I walked by a room in the office and to my horror, I witnessed a girl I did not know get smacked with a big long paddle with wholes drilled into it. I only saw the first whack and her awful cry of pain. I was shocked and traumatized by what I had just seen. I slowed down my pace to see what was going to happen next. I heard 4 more butt searing smacks and screaming. I thought about that for weeks. My strict step step-father had several paddles hanging on the wall in his den. He used them on 4 boys when they were growing up. Oddly enough even to me, those paddles started to look a little different. Before I was always scared they would be used on me but after what I had witnessed, I sorta wanted them to be used on me. And after the first time I did get the paddle, thinking about being paddled was constantly on my mind. Even though the paddle hurt like hell, I began to secretly love it. And I would at times do things to piss my step step-dad off just so I could get it. I didn't understand why at the time but that's what I was thinking. And I knew the worse the infraction, the harder I would be whacked. Stealing a credit card certainly pissed my step step-dad off bad. And the following movie from that 10 minute epic re-creation of this punishment was captured for your and my twisted delight! Enjoy! Lizzy ;)
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