Walker Captured, Full Feature - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Walker Captured, Full Feature - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4
Screenlist Walker Captured, Full Feature - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

Model: Emma
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:30:06
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: Emma has responded to a Craig's List ad asking for a walker. The hapless has no idea what's in store for her! She enters...all perky and innocent. He says the is out back and follows her through the house. But as soon as she goes out the back door, he clamps one hand over her mouth and the other around her neck. She struggles...but soon slumps to the ground. He scoops her up and cradle-carries her away. She slowly awakens on the cold cement floor of a garage/dungeon. He orders her to stand against the wall...and the terrified girl follows his orders. He approaches and grabs her by the hair and growls at her...'you'll do exactly as I say'...and slaps her face a few times for emphasis. She gets the point and agrees to do whatever he says. He steps back and orders her to strip. She reluctantly removes her clothing...looking anguished and mortified...until she stands before him completely naked. He approaches and viciously grabs and pinches her nipple and tells her that he can and will do anything he wants to her...'DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”...she nods her assent and says ‘yes'. He tells her that her job is to be the best possible girl for him and to please him. She agrees to try. He tells her to get on her knees...and crawl to him...and put her head on his feet. She stays in that position like a good girl. He grabs and squeezes her cute little ass. He turns her towards him and has her bury her face in his crotch to show her willing submission. Then he stands her up, wraps his hand around her throat and roughly gropes her. He turns her to face the wall and administers an ass spanking...a good one that reddens her cheeks as she whimpers. Emma, the hapless -walker, is in the throes of Stockholm Syndrome. She's been captured and subjected to various forms of punishment, but now is starting to respond positively and seems eager to comply and please. He has her stand againt the wall, bent over. He oils up her ass and slowly stuffs a rather sizable galss plug into her ass. It doesn't go in easily, but as it sinks in...she makes no complaint. Her ass chekks are still red from their previous punishment, but he determines that she needs futher flogging. He hits her ass progressively harder and she makes muffled sounds...but never cries out. Good girl! He decides to give her an addtional 10 lashes and after each one, she must count out loud. '"One...thank you sir"...and so one. He makes every stoke count (so to speak...) Then he allows her to embrace him. She wraps her arms around him tightly. She squezzes her ass and whispers comforting words. He holds her face and asks her if she's a happy girl now..."yes sir" she answers. More hugs. Then he has her stand with her back against the wall as he rubs her shaved pussy a bit. He walks away and returns with clover clamps...it's time to give those nipples some attention. They hurt now...and there's more in store, and it's never a bore...Stockholm syndrome is working...the walker is slowly turning into a responsive little slut. Her nipples have been clamped, and she holds the chain overhead with one hand and casually fingers her pussy with the other. Getting clamps over pierced nipples can be tricky...fortunately getting them off can be as easy as yanking the chain. Which he does...a couple of times. She gets a hug and some comfort after...Stockholm Syndrome is really kicking in now. He tells her to face the wall and stick her ass out. The thick glass plug that fills her tight little ass is visible. He shoves it in further and wiggles it in and out a bit as she takes it like a good girl. He gets the bamboo cane and starts giving her ass some whacks. Then he has her count...'One...thank you sir'...etc. The poor girl gets confused with the count...so she has to start over. He has her drop to her knees and wrap her arms around his legs as she look up at him with her face in his crotch. Then he has her put her head to the floor...ass up...with that large glass plug filling up and opening her formerly tight asshole...and leaves her to contemplate what could be next.
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