Naughty Naked Needed - Full Movie - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

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Cover Naughty Naked Needed - Full Movie - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4
Screenlist Naughty Naked Needed - Full Movie - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

Model: Hailey
Studio: dallasspankshard

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:35:40
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 1 GB

Description: Hailey knew that staying away longer would result in much more severe spankings. She came to me with help about her schooling and grades, so I responded with what I do. This has three amazing scenes with many severe spankings within the scenes.

I was able to obtain and advances copy of Hailey's final report card of her junior year. We had a deal that and 'Cs' or below would result in spankings. She thought it was any 'Ds". She was very scared to know that she would be given three more spankings this day than she expected. She receives a long hand spanking, large wooden hairbrush and the paddle- strap. When she confesses to me about the reason she got one of the 'Cs'... A great spanking with a belt and huge wooden paddle takes place!

The second scene has to do with being set up with one of my former models. Poor Hailey was told it would be ok to climb the fence of my neighbor to swim in his pool while he was away. Steve caught her on his motion control cameras! Instead of calling the police, he recognized Hailey as a friend of mine. I thanked him for letting me handle it rather that the police. She is put on all fours in a kiddy pool, dressed in a hot black bikini. I introduce her to the horrible acrylic slatted paddle (reserved for more severe punishments) before giving her a strapping with the tawse. I stand her up and give her a paddling with the Lexan paddle that has her crying and shaking so hard as she is help up in my arm. Incredible spankings!

The last scene has Hailey dressed as if she was going to church in the south, when her pastor father was still spanking her. This was a very personal spanking from me to her, in regards to simple life-hacks that will allow her to paint a more positive vision of where her life path was headed. She needed to know that someone cared enough about her, to be willing to not let her accept anything from her life directions that weren't extraordinary. The flat wooded paddle, razor strap and ending with my hand assured she understood this.
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