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Cover Hailey Red 13 - Full Movie - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4
Screenlist Hailey Red 13 - Full Movie - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

Model: Hailey
Studio: dallasspankshard

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:47:17
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: She admitted being especially nervous driving to her session this day. She knew she deserved her fate. She thought about how oddly wonderful our relationship has been over these years.

The concept of family is not something I take lightly. Hailey truly has become a part of our family, even though it is an unusual relationship some might think. In our world, it is an understanding that we share. In this amazing film, I introduce Hailey to the concept of family, as it pertains to implements. After a hard and long hand spanking OTK ( which she mentioned hurt like hell) I picked implements that would have an interesting lineage. The antique clothes brush, followed by the small leather paddle and then the large one.

She then is put bare-bottomed, on a armless white massage chair, wherein she gets my antique razor strap, followed by the small razor strap and then the large one. You see the method?

In perhaps the most painful spankings of the day, she is made to sit on a stool, baring her own bottom after I start over her panties to start with my hand. Then she gets the small handled paddle, followed by Thumper my large and unyielding paddle-strap from the Kailee video. Her bottom was so swollen from this long spanking session! Over 3600 spanks has the tendency to do that!
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