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Studio: WifeSpanks

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:05:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: This past summer to celebrate our anniversary we had the pleasure of renting out a kinky Airbnb for two nights loaded with lots of fun adult toys like a saint Andrews cross, medical table, sex swing, tons of spanking implements I would definitely love to go back.I brought my husband to the bedroom where the spanking bench is located I command him to take is pants off and assume the position on the bench, this particular spanking was actually the first in almost a year of no spankings.I made sure I started with slow slightly firm smacks for the first few minutes, after that I removed his boxers to reveal his pale bottom still. I continue using a more firmer hand with a little quicker pace as the spanking went on.While I was spanking him I was thinking to myself it can’t get any better than this just listening to the sound of only my hand smacking him across his bare ass love it! And also I know this is supposed to be a therapeutic thing for him but it is just as much for me too and yes maybe I do enjoy it more then him now. Lol
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