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Cover Return To Step Mommy Sarah The Full Film - mommysarahspanks - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
Screenlist Return To Step Mommy Sarah The Full Film - mommysarahspanks - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

Model: Vickie Powel, Sarah Stern
Studio: mommysarahspanks

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:52:27
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 2,7 GB

Description: It�s been a while since Step Mommy Sarah has seen her sugar baby but she has kept abreast of how she has been doing and knows that she has recently been kicked out of a flat that her latest conquest had rented for her. Vicki is one of those women who have never grown up. Despite many opportunities, her life has been a chaotic mess of running from one man to another and never ever taking responsibility for her own actions.

Sarah has a soft spot for this troubled lady and has in the past tried to help Vicki mend her sluttish ways but to no avail. Sarah knows that Vicki is a user of men and woman alike and only ever does something if it is to her own advantage. Despite this, when Vicki turns up once more with no place to go, Sarah feels sorry for her and decides that she will try one more time to change this grown adult woman�s poor attitude to life. Life has not been kind to Vicki. But most of the situations she has found herself on have been of her own making. Sarah believes that perhaps if she had had an appropriate maternal figure then things may have been very different Sarah has a lot of love to give alongside the strict maternal discipline that Vicki so desperately needs. Sarah wants Vicki to realise that there are always consequences and so she tells Vicki that if she is to stay, she must abide by the rules and try to mend her selfish ways. A desperate Vicki agrees and so finds herself once more over the knee getting her bottom spanked like a .

Sarah scolds Vicki as she spanks her bottom hard. This is firstly over her sexy grey panties and then on the bare. A knicker inspection is carried out and unsurprisingly, her knickers are wet. What a dirty girl she is! This of course gives Sarah the excuse to smack her bottom and her legs even harder. Every slap is painful for Vicki but she knows she has little choice than to endure them.

When Sarah is eventually satisfied that Vicki has been adequately punished she tells her to go and stand in the corner with her bare bottom on display. To add to the embarrassment, Sarah opens the blinds so anyone walking past can see this fully grown woman standing with her hands on her head, her breasts out of her sexy dress and her roasted red rump.

Vicki has been sent upstairs to take off her sexy dress and put on a girly little school uniform. She has also been told to put her hair in bunches with ribbons and to take off of her womanly high heels and swap them for flats. She is now dressed like a . She comes down the stairs and sits down on her Sugar Mommies knee whilst she is being reminded of all the new rules that she will have to abide by. One of these rules is regular knicker inspections. Sugar Mummy puts her hand on the crotch where she expects to find some white panties and realises that Vicki has not put any knickers on! What a dirty slutty thing to do. This infuriates Sarah who decides that perhaps a dose of the stingy hairbrush might remind Vicki who is in charge and how to conduct herself in future. For added humiliation Sarah pins up the back of her little school skirt. Vicki is already wishing she had put her knickers on and pleads with Sarah to escape another spanking so soon after the first.

Punishment starts over the knee but as Vicki is kicking and squirming so much, Sarah decides to make her bend over the table. Her bare bottom is high in the air and Sarah has a much better swing with that nasty brush. The strokes are applied at a quick heavy pace and Vicki is soon gasping and begging for her ordeal to stop. Her bare cheeks are soon marked and very sore, but this does not stop Sarah from giving her the punishment that she deserves for being such a dirty filthy girl

Mummy Sarah is busy cleaning and asks Vicki to come and help. Vicki is in the middle of her exercise routine and agrees that as soon as she is finished, she will come and help. When she has finished her exercise instead of immediately going to assist she lays on the sofa to text. This is where an unhappy Sugar step Mummy Sarah finds her. Worse still it seems that Vicki is chatting to a man, trying to extort monies, and telling him that she is being made to live with a weirdo who delights in punishing her! Understandably Sugar Mummy Sarah is not very happy with this. Vicki tries to claim that she is only trying to get some cash in order to buy her Sugar Mummy a present, but Sarah is far to wise to fall for her charms. Vicki finds herself over the knee getting her bottom spanked hard. She kicks and cries but it is to no avail. Sugar Mummy Sarah is wise to her tricks and will not tolerate this type of behaviour. Her knickers are pulled down to her knees and the spanking continues onto her bare bottom. After a prolonged and painful hand spanking Vicki is sent upstairs to get ready for bed with the promise that her ordeal is far from over. The rules of the house clearly state that if you are spanked during the day then you will get another spanking before bed.

When Vicki arrives back downstairs in her sexy nightie she tries to seduce Sugar Step-Mommy Sarah to avoid further punishment. Sarah is stern and explains that the rules of the house must always be followed and that as Vicki is intent upon acting like a, thst she must be treated like one. This time she is going to receive the paddle. Poor Vicki has no choice. It to go over the knee and be paddled. After her punishment is over Sarah rubs some soothing cream onto her red raw cheeks. Will this grown woman ever learn?
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