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Model: Samantha Baker, Miss Elizabeth, Clare Fonda, Cassidy Lau, Christy Cutie, Elori Stix, Kitty Catherine, Luci Lovett, Mackenzie Reed, Nuna Starks, Rachel Adams
Position: Standing, Bent Over, OTK (Over The Knee)
Implement: Hand, Hair Brush, Cane, Rule / Yard Stick
Studio: sarahgregoryspanking

Format: mp4
Duration: 04:16:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 14,7 GB

Description: We are proud to bring you Strictmoor Academy Year Three starring Clare Fonda, Miss Elizabeth, and Madame SamanthaB as the teaching staff and Cassidy Lau, Christy Cutie, Rachel Adams, Luci Lovett, Elori Stix, Kitty Catherine, Mackenzie Reed, and Nuna Starks as the eight naughty students. Year Three follows these eight young woman's two week course at the academy. Each are dealt with in the usual ways a naughty girl is at Strictmoor: with lots of discipline. This discipline entails, detentions, writing lines and essays, mouth soaping, and of course old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spankings. Also, as tradition stands, a spanking in the day means a spanking t night, so each naughty young woman suffers multiple spankings and punishments each day. Hopefully after this two week course they will be much more behaved and ready to return to their homes and colleges.

Scene 1 - We see nine flashbacks as told by the teaching staff. They sit around the dining room table and reminisce about when they were taken in hand and spanked by their mothers as well as many punishments they witnessed. Each lady witnessed spankings at their colleges when they were younger and they tell their stories as voyeurs. Also, they all discuss the last time they had to administer punishments to naughty young women. Most of this scene is under the narration of Miss Elizabeth who play Ann Wellbourne.

Scene 1 - Part 1: This is the first of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, we see Mrs. Ann Wellbourne (Miss Elizabeth) tell of a time she was spanked by her step-mother when she was younger. Elori Stix plays the young Ann Wellbourne.

Scene 1 - Part 2: This is the second of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, we see Amanda Collins (Clare Fonda) tell of a time she was spanked by her mother when she was younger. Cassidy Lau plays the young Amanda Collins and her friend is played by Adriana Evans.

Scene 1 - Part 3: This is the third of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, we see Joan Frobisher (Madame SamanthaB) tell of a time she was spanked by her mother when she was younger. Rachel Adams plays the young Joan.

Scene 1 - Part 4: This is the fourth of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, Ann Wellbourne remembers and tells of a time when she was in school and witnessed her housemother disciplining two naughty young ladies by looking through the keyhole of the door, she later got found out and was punished herself as the two ladies spied on her.

Scene 1 - Part 5: This is the fifth of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, Joan Frobisher recalls her time away at college witnessing her housemother punishing another student through a keyhole as well.

Scene 1 - Part 6: This is the sixth of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, Amanda Collins (Clare Fonda) recalls her time away at college witnessing her housemother punishing two student through a keyhole as well.

Scene 1 - Part 7: This is the seventh of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, Miss Ann Wellbourne now discusses a recent experience she had as a teacher in Germany and her discipline of two naughty young ladies.

Scene 1 - Part 8: This is the eighth of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, Joan Frobisher now discusses her recent experience she had as a teacher in Europe and the discipline of two naughty young ladies.

Scene 1 - Part 9: This is the last of nine flashbacks. In this flashback, Amanda Collins discusses her recent experience whereher sister telephoned her to ask that she come and punish her nieces.

Scene 2: Ann Wellbourne (Miss Elizabeth) is to deal with the issue of her daughter, Sarah. Sarah has been misbehaving while away at college and so now mother is upset. Sarah is scolded and then taken over mommy's lap for a bare bottom spanking before being led for an early bedtime. Is is also time for Mrs. Frobisher to eat with the German exchange student who has also been sent to Strictmoor for some well needed discipline.

Scene 3: This is in 4 distinct parts but available as one integrated short story.

Scene 3 - Part 1: The incoming class of Year 3 is shown exactly what will happen if they break rules while at the Academy. The young woman who is there from Germany for a couple of days of discipline gets her punishment in front of the class by Miss Wellbourne (Miss Elizabeth) to show the class just what happens to naughty girls; bare bottom spanking, thigh smacking, and of course caning.

Scene 3 - Part 2: Mrs. Frobisher (Madame Samantha B) is teaching the class when two naughty young ladies decide to misbeahave (Nuna and Rachel). They have been passing notes and this warrants a punishment in front of the class at that. Each young lady is stripped down to panties, white camisole, and white socks before they are properly chastised, and punished with hard over the knee bare bottom spanking. They are then made to write lines while the rest of the lesson is taught.

Scene 3 - Part 3: Miss Collins (Clare Fonda) takes over another lesson and of course there is more rule breaking, but this time it is Luci and Cassy who are chewing gum. They are called to the front of the class for their punishment. First they have their hands smakced with a ruler, then they have the backs of their thighs smacked before being taken over their strict teacher's knee for a hard bare bottom spanking.
Scene 3 - Part 4: Finally... a spanking during the day at Strictmoor means a spanking at bedtime, so the 4 naughty young ladies are spanked that evening by the two teachers, Mrs. Frobisher and Miss Collins.

Scene 4: This is split into 2 longer play scenes, each worthy of a mention.

Scene 4 - Part 1: Classroom Spankings. Four very naughty ladies are called for a special detention with Miss Wellbourne as they were all caught cheating on a test that was given to them to do overnight. They all copied off of Jane so therefore her punishment will be much more severe than the other three since she let them copy. All four naughty girls are made to write lines about cheating. Then, they each have to stand on a box while reading aloud a poem about what happens to naughty girls when they cheat while having the backs of their legs smacked soundly. After they are taken over their strict teacher's lap for a hard bare bottom spanking. After, Jane is then given additional punishment of getting a hard wooden ruler applied to her backside before being made to sit on the naughty still, dunces cap on head. Of course, it is customary that a spanking in the day means a spanking at bedtime, so in the next part to come, each naughty young lady gets a bedtime spanking.

Scene 4 - Part 2: This is the second part of Scene four where the 4 naughty students are now given the customary spanking at bedtime by Miss Collins and Mrs. Frobisher. They already have very sore bottoms from the spankings they received that afternoon in class bringing the girls to very real tears.

Scene 5 - Part 1: Four of the young ladies are oldest so they are being allowed to go out for the evening to a local dance. However, upon their goodbyes for the evening, Miss Wellbourne smells smoke on Nicole and confronts her, the truth that Rachel bought the cigarettes comes out as well. So, the other two ladies are dismissed to attend the dance, but there will be consequences for poor Rachel and Nicole. The other two ladies however, do not leave, they decide to sneak back to watch the action. Right away the two naughty miscreants are told to change into their pajamas with the appropriate underwear and report back to the conservatory for spankings. Each lady is spanked over her pajamas, white panties, and then on the bare bottom by Miss Wellbourne. Of course there is no privacy and Miss Collins as well as the two peeping students witness their spankings. The two are told that in the morning there will be further punishment.

Scene 5 - Part 2: It is the next morning and the punishment continues. The two ladies are made to change from their pajamas into a pink summer pinafore dress as well as white cotton panties that have the seat cut out to add further humiliation. They are taken one at a time to the bathroom to have their dirty mouths washed out with soap. They drool and complain as the suds spill out of their mouths. They are made to hold the soap in theor mouths while they have more smacks to their forever sore bare bottom.

Scene 6 - Four of the academy students, Annie, Cathy, Helen and Sandra had been caught pilfering from the local store. Miss Wellbourne had been informed by her friends, the sisters that owned the store of what had happened. This way, they were able to come to a private arrangement by not involving the police in this matter. She invited the sisters to come watch the girls receive a suitable chastising disciplinary punishment instead. The girls were severely reprimanded and scolded by Miss Wellbourne, who were looking very sorry for themselves, in front of the store owners. She had never been so angry and had enlisted the help of Mrs. Frobisher and Miss Collins to spank the girls as she was sick of the sight of them. The girls were spanked with the trusted Mason Pearson hairbrushes that the girls hated as they stung so much. They were spanked in pairs in front of the sisters who nodded and approved of the embarrassing punishment they witnessed before them. As was the case at Strictmoor, there was a slow and deliberate way of disciplining the girls in the ritualistic ways the teaching staff carried out; first over skirts, then panties and then with them removed. The snivelling and sobbing girls had to watch each other getting spanked this way in front of store owners which was highly embarrassing. By the end, the girls all made a heartfelt and very tearful apology as they were sent to bed early.

Scene 7: This final long scene is split into two parts. First, the canings and then the hairbrush spanking over their caned bottoms.

Scene 7 - Part 1: Each of the naughty young ladies has collected many demerits and having over 10 demerits means a caning. So, on their last evening at Strictmoor, each naughty girl finds themselves bent over in front of the mirror receiving a hard caning while having to look at themselves. This further adds to the humiliation of having their bottoms bared at 18 years old in front of their peers. They all cry and sob but that doesn't make Miss Wellbourne go any lighter on them. Two young ladies, Kathy and Jane, are particularly naughty and they are also spanked before their caning by Miss Frobisher.

Scene 7 - Part 2: In this final scene from the series of Strictmoor Academy Year 3 - we had already witnessed the tearful, sobbing punishment canings carried out by Miss Wellbourne.
As the girls were all lined up snivelling, crying and with tear stained cheeks on display... they were told that a further punishment would be carried out. Usually the disciplinary punishments concluded with the canings we have witnessed previously, but not this year! So it was that Mrs. Frobisher and Miss Collins were tasked with having each of the girls taken over her knee, in turn, for a hard hairbrush spanking with the dreaded Mason & Pearson brush. As any of the girls will attest, having an already very sore, freshly caned and welted bottom whacked with a hairbrush was the most excuciating and painful of finales possible in this series ending. That is what happened as the tears flowed, with legs kicking out as they writhed in agony over mrs Fobisher's lap as the girls bared bottoms were mercilessly whacked with the hairbrush as she held them firmly in place. Watching this punishment unfold in front of them for one final time was too much for some of the girls. Tears flowed freely once more before and after their spankings making this a most fitting end to an eventful week at Strictmoor Academy's third, successful year!
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