Wedgies After School - Spanked and Wedgied - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Wedgies After School - Spanked and Wedgied - HD/MP4
Screenlist Wedgies After School - Spanked and Wedgied - HD/MP4

Model: Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie
Studio: Spanked and Wedgied

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:11:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 250 MB

Description: In this film, I play a senior girl at a boarding school who is in charge of keeping the younger girls in my dorm in line. Its come to my attention that one of those girls, Christy Cutie, is causing mass havoc and mayhem. Shes been going around giving wedgies to the other girls! I bring her to my room to confront her about this, but she doesn't take me seriously at all. In fact, at the first chance she gets, she lifts my sailor girl school uniform and pulls my full cut, white cotton panties up into my bottom, giving me a serious wedgie!

She wont stop: at first I cant help but laugh at how absurd her behavior is, but getting my panties pulled this way is incredibly embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable. She doesn't stop, pulling the material back and forth, making my panties disappear between my amble bottom cheeks. I struggle and try to get away, but she continues to use my knickers to invade my most private of areas. Finally, I get away and I haul Christy over my lap, scolding her about how outrageous her behavior has been. I begin to give her round, perky bottom a good, hard spanking. Instead of pulling her white panties down, I grab them and give her a wedgie of her own as I spank her exposed cheeks, asking her if she thinks this is so fun and entertaining now! She pleads and struggles, but I remember how humiliated I felt, and when she admits that she cant even count how many girls on campus shes given wedgies to, I amp up the pace, raining down hard, punishing smacks on her unprotected cheeks while pulling hard at her panties to make sure that a lesson is learned. To add to her embarrassment, I her to open her legs and show off the gusset of her panties while I spank her spread like this, focusing on her tender sit spots. When I'm finally satisfied that she has had enough, I feel confident that we wont be having any more wedgie problems in the dorm anymore, but just to be sure, I make her hold her own panties up in her bottom and stand in time out while I admire my handwork in the form of her throbbing, pink bottom.

This was a custom project, and the film was SO much fun to make. Both Christy and I find the wedgies fetish very hot, especially when its combined with spanking, and I think you can tell this by watching the video. Those who love panties, especially full cut white panties, matching school uniform, girl/girl spanking, wedgies or just naughty, mischievous girls will really enjoy this clip. Want your own custom clip? Send me an email! Id love to make one for you, too!
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