Wedgies On The Ward - Spanked and Wedgied - HD/MP4

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Screenlist Wedgies On The Ward - Spanked and Wedgied - HD/MP4

Model: Alex Reynolds, Sydney Wolf
Studio: Spanked and Wedgied

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:07:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 169,9 MB

Description: Alex Reynolds and Sydney Wolf have been friends since nursing school. Sydney has been transferred to Alex's department due to understaffing. As they get ready for their day in the on-call room, Sydney gloats about how easy her new position will be and Alex tries to explain that they actually do work very hard.

Later, after their shift, they meet again: Sydney is frazzled! She's made tons of mistakes and she's even been scolded by one of the doctors. She has to eat her words: this is not such an easy position after all.

Alex reminds her that back in school, she would have kept her friend in line if she got too big for her britches with a punishment to remind her of her place: a hard wedgie and a spanking on her exposed butt!

Sydney is in for this now. The girls might be giggling a bit as Alex bends Syndey over and pulls her white cotton panties out of her tight leggings, but Sydney isn't laughing for long. She gets a hard spanking to match her hard wedgie, both bent over and over Alex's lap. Her panties are stretched up to her shoulder blades. Hopefully, Sydney will learn a lesson!
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