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Model: Dolly Mattel, Faerie Willow, Miss Bernadette
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 738,4 MB

Description: Dolly and Willow are two close stepsisters and they do everything together. They love cheering for their school football team, going to the mall, and dating boys. Unfortunately, they also have something else in common, they both are failing miserably at school through lack of studying and focus which has now been brought to the attention of Miss Bernadette. The girls come home, happy and laughing but Bernadette confronts them both with the news that she knows all about their various, sassy misbehavior and poor grades. Without further delay, Willow is placed over the maternal lap and Dolly is told to comfort her stepsister as Bernadette applies her hard hand across the naughty girl's bottom, smacking her cheeks and turning them red. Poor Dolly can only watch knowing that she will be next in that uncomfortable position. Worse follows as Bernadette insists that Willow present her with the hairbrush and ask her to use it across her bare buttocks. This implement is mean and stings horribly, as the poor cheerleader yelps and cries out. The girls swap places and it is the turn of Dolly to face the same painful fate. This is a double punishment for two naughty, sassy stepsisters... Bernadette leaves them to console each other as they promise to be more focused on their studies from this point forward.
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