Lela Beryl And Avery Tyler In Spanking The Slutty School Girl - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4

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Cover Lela Beryl And Avery Tyler In Spanking The Slutty School Girl - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Lela Beryl And Avery Tyler In Spanking The Slutty School Girl - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4

Model: Lela Beryl, Avery Tyler
Studio: wmwfetishfun

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 541,5 MB

Description: In our newest video Spanking The Slutty Schoolgirl, WMW welcomes Avery Marie for the very first time, opposite the longtime veteran who has been with us since Day One, Lela Beryl. And does Lela ever give Avery an initiation into what things are all about here! Sinking her teeth into a role in which she plays a principal who is tasked with disciplining a student who is too much of a slut for her own good, Lela spanks the living hell out of Avery and tosses in a little bit of wedging too just for good measure! When she's finished with her, Avery has a VERY red ass! It might not be quite as brutal a debut as a wrestling based beating would be, but Avery certainly will be feeling the hurt for a while after this video nonetheless! Although when it's all over, you get the impression she didn't exactly hate it!

To put it simply, Lela cannot STAND how skimpy Avery is dressed! Wearing a very revealing top that is practically a bra and a small plaid skirt with see through thong panties underneath it, it's more akin to a **** than a school! Lela has been given headaches by Avery several times before, but this... this takes the cake! She may as well not even go to class at all, since all she seems to be interested in is fucking all the boys and even some of the teachers as well!

Whatever the case, Lela is sick of girls like her and she is gonna put a stop to her bullshit right here and now! How? By giving her the spanking her Step-Parents shoulda gave her long ago! Lela puts Avery over her knee and proceeds to mercilessly spank the little whore again and again, quickly bruising her ass very visibly! She also does some light wedging here as she berates Avery about her see through thong, just for the hell of it!

Avery is pretty pissed at all of this, feeling this is all cruel and unusual punishment for something that is none of Lela's business, but unfortunately for her Lela is in charge not her! And actually, Lela is starting to enjoy this too! She can see why the boys flock to Avery so much the more she is spanking her!

She is having so much fun in fact, that she wants to see Avery dance for her! Stripping her of her short skirt beforehand, she demands she shake her red ass in her face while she continues to spank it, which Avery somewhat reluctantly complies with. Lela is well pleased with her ability to follow instructions, but she decides playtime is over after this sequence and puts her back down over her knee for more heavy spanking!

There is a bit of a difference in this portion of her spanking session though, as Avery appears to start to enjoy it now! Her words may say the opposite, but her moans give her away pretty easily! Honestly too, that she is liking it shouldn't come as much as a shock being as much of a dirty slut that she is! It just took Lela a little bit of time to fully bring it out of her that's all!

As Lela continues to go to town on Avery's ass making it redder and redder with every new slap she gives it, Avery remarks when asked that the boys don't do this to her, but rather they make her get on her knees for them! This as you might guess gives Lela the devious idea to make her do the same!

Obediently doing that and then bending over for her, Lela's barrage of brutal spanking rolls on! Here it becomes even MORE obvious if that was possible, that Avery is loving this as she starts to basically grind her ass towards Lela so that she may spank her even easier than she's been! She's barely even trying to fight the assault on her buns at this point, if she ever truly was in the first place!

When that round of the sexy spanking ends though, Avery believes things might be over, but NOPE! Lela has MUCH more left in her tank, and it's back over her knees that Avery goes for a third go round of spankings from that position! In this one the wedging she was doing earlier makes a return also, Lela really relishing tormenting the dirty little whore Avery! She could almost rip her dental floss of a thong right off her if she wanted to as flimsy as it is, but then she couldn't wedgy her anymore now could she? That's part of the fun here after all!

As her long and rough punishment of Avery begins to wind down, Lela makes sure she knows that if she ever ends up in trouble again like she's been, this will be the fate that awaits her every time from here on in! In response, although she claims she won't show up the next time she's called into her office (something Lela doesn't buy for a minute!), she admits she's likely to keep getting in trouble. And can you blame her? For a slut like her this is heaven as much as it is hell, so why wouldn't she keep acting up?

Finally finished with her at least for now after a few more parting spanks while she is standing back up, Lela orders Avery to take her slutty little skirt back and get the fuck out of her sight! As she leaves, Avery tells Lela she'll see her again soon proving what Lela already knew! No way was she gonna be able to resist coming back for more spankings like she just received! There's no doubt in Lela's mind that this will be FAR from the last XXXX of spankings she dishes out to Avery! Once a slut, always a slut right?

Incredibly sexy spanking video! It's definitely one of the hottest of this type that we have ever filmed! Lela really works over Avery's ass without a shred of mercy, including going at it like a bongo drum many times over! And with how much Avery gets into the proceedings herself as time goes on, it's almost hard to say who is enjoying it more by the end! This is a great debut for Avery, and you'll surely be left wanting to see more of her, and more specifically see her and Lela paired up together again very soon!
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