Three Naughty Skoolgirlz - Full Length Feature - Miss Ambers Vintage Spanking - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Three Naughty Skoolgirlz - Full Length Feature - Miss Ambers Vintage Spanking - SD/MP4
Screenlist Three Naughty Skoolgirlz - Full Length Feature - Miss Ambers Vintage Spanking - SD/MP4

Model: Lorraine Ansell, Brandi Bailey, Lesley Saye
Studio: Miss Ambers Vintage Spanking

Format: mp4
Duration: 01:08:56
Resolution: 720x540
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: The Truant - Part One - Featuring Lorraine Ansell as Julie Stapleford: Goody two shoes Julie has been caught playing truant from school and is summoned to the headmaster's study and claims that she had an appointment with the doctors. "Do you have a note?" she is asked. Busted! The truth of the matter is known. Poor Julie is told to kneel on a chair and spanked with a wooden ruler followed by across her blue serge school knickers. Much to her horror her knickers are taken down and she gets a harsh beating on her bare bottom with a plimsoll and by does the headmaster lay it on hard. After the plimsoll she gets a severe bare bottom caning. Poor Julie, what a sore and marked bottom she has to go home with.

The Bully - Part Two - Featuring Brandi Bailey as Jane Fischer: Jane is caught by the headmaster bullying the new girls into handing over their dinner money. He decides that a good old-fashioned dose of corporal punishment will cure the wretched girl of her thieving ways. The little thief first gets the wooden ruler across the palms of her hands followed by a hard slippering with a plimsoll and an OTK bare bottom spanking. Much to Jane's dismay she also gets a taste of the two tailed tawse, the birch and finally the cane across her bare backside leaving her very marked and sore.

Part Three - The Cheat - Featuring Lesley Saye as Jilly Watson: Jilly couldn't believe her luck when she saw the envelope marked Exam Papers on the headmaster's desk. Knowing she would be in deep trouble if she was caught the temptation to take a peek at them was too great. Poor Jilly, if only she'd known the headmaster was about to walk through the door... Busted!

Jilly is bent straight across the headmaster's desk and spanked across her blue serge regulation school knickers. She is then hauled across his lap where her knickers are pulled down and her bottom bared for a long hard OTK spanking with a stingy rubber soled plimsoll. He then has her kneel on a chair and thrashes her naked bottom with a wicked twin-tailed tawse. For the final part of her punishment Jilly is told to fetch the dreaded cane and suffers a long hard sixty-six stroke caning on her chubby bum cheeks.
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