Miss Hot Ass Contest 2! - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4

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Cover Miss Hot Ass Contest 2! - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Miss Hot Ass Contest 2! - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4

Model: Angel Lee, Jasmin Jai, Stefania Mafra
Studio: wmwfetishfun

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:06:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 455 MB

Description: It's been a little while since we did our first one, but the Miss Hot Ass contest is back! In this second edition Miss Hot Ass 2: A Brazilian Ticklefest that stars Angel Lee, Jasmin Jai and Stefania Mafra, we take the sizzling booty shaking from the apartment to the ring! And much like the contest that preceded it, when it's all over with, there is heavy controversy over who is the winner (Stefania) and two pissed off runners up (Angel and Jasmin) out for ! This leads to some major tickling and spanking punishment being doled out! And with the winner left lying on the mat naked in addition to that, she doesn't exactly feel like one when her torment is finished!

Stefania is proclaimed the winner after the 3 ladies take their turns shaking their sexy asses in front of the camera, but Angel and Jasmin call bullshit on the decision! They each feel that they shoulda won this contest, and enraged that they did not, they decide to take out all their frustrations on their fellow competitor! The two hold the unofficial Miss Hot Ass down on the mat, tickle her entire body without any mercy and give her ass a good spanking on two separate occasions, once at the beginning of the things and then again at the end! Not only that, but as they Torment her they strip her completely naked as well to further humiliate her! It almost doesn't seem as if it was worth it to have won this contest, when this is the reward!

Whether Stefania truly has the best ass of the three as a Brazilian is up for debate, but what isn't when things are all said and done, is who the true dominant women in the ring are!

Will we ever truly crown a legitimate Miss Hot Ass? Seems like there's always an argument over who has the best buns in these contests! Maybe next time! Until then, enjoy the spectacle of another sexy booty shaking video with the added bonus of tickling and spanking fun! We may or may not ever get a clear winner in these events, but you as a viewer certainly won't feel like a loser watching them we can assure you of that!
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