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Model: Minx Grrl
Studio: Minx Grrl's Fetish Corner

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:39:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: All of my marks from the last spanking party had faded so I asked Cinched for a fresh session. He was quick to point out that he wasn't able to mark me, but others were. I tried to explain that I wanted to be mark free if I had shoots, but he pointed out that he didn't get to mark me up at all even though he gave me hand spankings nearly every night and I suggested we remedy that and he was on board! I draped over his lap and he started with a light warm up before some of my giggly bratting got him to up the pace. Soon, my bottom took on a lovely pink hue and a warm glow as I began to slip into sub space. Cinched thinks its funny to ask me things when I get into my non-verbal space and then give me extra spanks for my not responding appropriately...rude! He pulled my leggings down, gave me more spanks, teased me by sucking my toes and got me hot all over with the delicious hand spanking he gave me. Unf!
Now that I had a thoroughly warmed up bottom, Cinched moved onto the implements! He took his belt off and put it to use. He started with some nice swats and built up to some hard strokes and I was in heaven. I love the belt so much! The warmth was spreading through my whole body every time the belt crashed down on my upturned bottom. Far too soon, Cinched was ready to move on to the next implement...the dreaded lexan paddle. I dislike paddles so much, but they are his favorite implement so I keep buying him the awful things. Cinched was kind and started slow and ramped up. I did have to ask for him to slow down between harder ones so I could process the pain and he obliged. Then came the volley of hard swats which left me damn near out of breath. I was thrilled to hear he wanted to move on to the cane! I am a huge fan of the cane and could be caned for hours given the opportunity! Cane striped on a paddled bottom can be intense and I was enjoying every swat except for the two overlapping in the crease of my leg and butt. The next and last implement was the surprise...a cricket bat! Oh my goodness, I was amazed at how much I loved it! The cricket bat hit deep and sent all the happy tingles through my body. He walloped me with the cricket bat for a bit before moving to some tender bottom kisses, rubs and tickles. This was a wonderful session for both of us!
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