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Exclusive Cover Sarah Spanked In The Kitchen - mommaspankings - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Sarah Spanked In The Kitchen - mommaspankings - Full HD/MP4

Model: Sarah Gregory, Miss Bernadette
Studio: mommaspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:17:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 997,3 MB

Description: This film was inspired by real-life events. Sarah had decided to sprawl out on the counter as she liked the lighting and thought it was a comfortable place to take selfies. Her Mommy-Domme (Miss Bernadette) comes out of the bedroom, shocked as to why Sarah would be touching her “always wet” pussy to the counter where food is prepared. The kitchen counter is a sterile area for food, not for slutty submissives to be dirtying it. Sarah claims the panties protect her but Mommy remarks that Sarah’s panties are always wet too. After a few swift smacks to the naughty girl's bottom, Mommy takes her girl across her lap for a spanking. Sarah’s panties don’t cover her bottom so the spanking is on the bare cheeks whether pulled down or not. The panties are pulled tight into an uncomfortable wedgie to humiliate her, then she is asked to open the cupboard to take out the implements and hand one to Mistress to use OTK. Sarah hands her the small green leather paddle and as it gets used, she squirms and wriggles so she gets leg-locked for an uninterrupted dose of the stiff leather across her bare bottom. Next, Sarah must choose which one will be used next (both will be, of course) choosing the green strap as she is bent over, and Mommy swings the stinging leather implement hard repeatedly. Mommy puts the other strap on Sarah’s back and tells her if it falls, there will be consequences. Throughout the spankings, Mommy remarks on just how wet Sarah’s pussy seems to be and it keeps getting wetter! She points out that Sarah shouldn’t be lying on the counter and, naturally, enjoys embarrassing her babygirl by talking about her wet nether regions. When the second strap falls, she makes Sarah get on all fours and crawl to pick it up with her mouth, but she finds it difficult to use her teeth to hand it to her Mistress. The thicker stiffer strap is now taken to Sarah’s already sore bare bottom and she yelps in pain but Mommy doesn’t feel sorry for her one bit. She continues to strap Sarah’s bottom until it is dark crimson. She then balances all the beautiful leather implements on Sarah’s back leaving her there to think about her bad behavior.
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