Sarah's Three Hole Punishment - Sarahs Fetish Play - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Sarah's Three Hole Punishment - Sarahs Fetish Play - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Sarah's Three Hole Punishment - Sarahs Fetish Play - Full HD/MP4

Model: Sarah Gregory, Miss Bernadette, Samantha Baker
Studio: Sarahs Fetish Play

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:28:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,6 GB

Description: Sarah had been a very bad girl out to dinner with her Mistress, Miss Bernadette and Mistress's friend, Madame Samantha. She was rude to the restaurant staff and embarrassed the two Dominants. When they get her back to the hotel they are going to punish this submissive slut properly. First, with some face-slapping, grabbing, flogging, and humiliation. After they strip Sarah, the fun begins for them. Mistress straddles her sexy slut and straps her inner thighs and pussy until they are red and stinging. All three of Sarah's holes will be punished tonight and not in a way that Sarah likes.
After the impact punishment, it is time to fill Sarah's first hole with a jeweled butt plug in a very humiliating and spread position. Sarah doesn't like butt plugs and this is precisely why Madame Samantha puts it right up Sarah's tight little bum-hole. Mistress slaps Sarah's inner thighs and canes them as Madame Samantha plays with the jeweled plug pushing on it. They finally make Sarah push it out to prepare for the next hole.
One hole down, two to go. Sarah is pulled onto her knees and made to suck Mistress's cock. Mistress pushes Sarah's head towards her cock to really make it difficult and unpleasant for her slut to endure. Sarah takes it as she knows this is the punishment for her rude behavior and wants to make Mistress proud.
After a proper face fucking, Sarah is laid on the bed and fucked by Mistress nice and hard and deep as Madame Samantha slaps her around a bit more. Sarah winces in pain and takes what Mistress gives her as she thrusts in and out of Sarah's wet dripping pussy. After they feel she has taken her punishment like a good little slut, they reward her and let her cum with a vibrator.
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