The Samhain Sacrifice - Little Rabbit Productions - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover The Samhain Sacrifice - Little Rabbit Productions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist The Samhain Sacrifice - Little Rabbit Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Little Rabbit, Mila Grant
Studio: Little Rabbit Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:36:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,6 GB

Description: I have always desired to create a spiritual sacrifice for Samhain, the time in which the veil between worlds is thinnest, when we are at our most primal and raw state. Ready to welcome in the next season with a pure heart. M
y rope bunny Mila has offered herself as my sacrifice this Samhain. All hallows Eve and I have her adorned in pure white, in the middle of the woods on a cold full moon ready to be offered to the spirits. All her pain, all her pleasure.
I first start with a long sensual tie, her upper body, then her leg and finally her last ankle. Ensuring every part of her is flying like a free spirit. Letting her float in a painful bliss as I prepare the next stage.
She is already getting wet, her panties soaked through as she quietly moans. I warm her cold flesh with my wax, pouring it over thighs and body. Watching as she whimpers and squirms as the hot wax touches her skin.
Once painted and dripping my paddles come out to play. A special paddle full of gemstones feels perfect for this evening. I spank Mila whilst suspended, let's her squirm and moan in the ropes, her bottom becoming redder. When I'm happy with her suffering I start to bring my rope bunny down but part way through, her primal side decides to try and fight me. Left in the TK I flip her round and begin spanking her once more. Her bottom bright red and very sore! Scratching at her flesh, scratching all the wax off. My sharp nails causing her to cry out and try to wriggle away to no avail.
Finally surrendering to pain she is lowered and allowed to relax against the cold, wet, autumn floor.
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