Mean Big Step Sister Episode One - NBX Productions - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Mean Big Step Sister Episode One - NBX Productions - HD/MP4
Screenlist Mean Big Step Sister Episode One - NBX Productions - HD/MP4

Model: Sky Terrapin
Studio: NBX Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:17:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: The Young Man #1 agrees to become "Little Step Brother" of Sky Terrapin, in a "no way out" Contractual Alternative Lifestyle Relationship. She provides him with Structure & Discipline, taking him Over Her Knees for Severe Spanking Punishments as she sees fit.
In Scene One, he gets a Black & Blue Bottom from a Thick & Heavy Bamboo Wooden Grill Brush (and hates it!). He learns a Good Hard Lesson from his New "Big Sis" about not cleaning his room when she tells him to, and also mouthing off to her. Sky Terrapin does NOT FOOL AROUND!
In Scene Two, the Young Man gets a Thorough Hand Spanking from his New "Big Sis" on his Already Black & Blued Bare Bottom, after some time with his Nose Against The Wall. Sky Terrapin decides she doesn't even need to use the brush on him this time, and WOW she can sure give a serious, No-Nonsense Spanking with just Her Big Hand!
In Scene Three, the boy fails to 'actually' clean his room, once again ...a big mistake indeed. While inspecting his room and finding this out for the second time, and also finding hidden cigarette butts, she finds a nice thick piece of wood that interests her to be a good "Spanking Stick". Still and even more angry about his not doing what he is told to do, she then proceeds to see how it might add some stipes to his already Black & Blued Little Bottom, and finishing him off again with Her Big Spanking Hand!
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