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Model: Domina Jemma, Jade Slave, Giada Da Vinci
Studio: Neravideofilm

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:08:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 367,6 MB

Description: Domina Jemma is at home in the lounge with her personal lesbian slave. She wants to have a talk with her slave, the slave don't know what will happen soon... Domina Jemma ask if the slave followed the rules of the week, the slave said that of course she followed.Every week Domina Jemma imposes some rule on the slave, this week the lesbian slave had to rest every night on the cage and couldn't masturbate.Domina Jemma asks the slave again about the rules but the slave lie... the poor slave don't know that last night in the dark her mistress wanted to check her so she heard that she was masturbating in the cage!Domina Jemma is very upset for the lie and she start to spank slave Jade to teach her how to follow her rules. The Jade's ass start to be very red, the mistress spank her with no mercy, she don't stop until the lesson is very clear...Jade will struggle and prays for pity but there's no mercy for the liar...
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