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Model: Richard, Miss Parker, Sally (Sunny), Hazel, Jasmina
Studio: spankingonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:29:02
Resolution: 768x576
Size: 453,4 MB

Description: The girls get in trouble after some tom-foolery at the pool, so they must be punished! That punishment is a spanking! Jasmina is put over the knee for a good hand spanking lesson, then her knickers come down for more intense hand spanking! As the girls are getting ready for swim lesson, undressing and getting in swimsuits, Coach comes in and starts the lesson. Each girl takes a lap, but none of it's good enough so they all get bent over and gets a good hard hand spanking! The pool area gets messy during the lesson so coach gets yelled out and head mistress takes over the lesson with cane in hand. The ladies get back in the pool to take a lap and last girl back gets the cane! Sally coming in last must bend over and the hand spanking starts and gets the bare bottom ready for her caning! Then Jasmina and Hazel get lined up and bent over for a good naked hand spanking!
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