Shoplifter Spanked And Strapped - Minx Grrl's Fetish Corner - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Shoplifter Spanked And Strapped - Minx Grrl's Fetish Corner - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Shoplifter Spanked And Strapped - Minx Grrl's Fetish Corner - Full HD/MP4

Model: Minx Grrl
Studio: Minx Grrl's Fetish Corner

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:16:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 661,5 MB

Description: Security busted me for stealing. He kept me waiting until Mr. Osborne got called and was ready to tell me how they were going to proceed. The security guy marched me into the Mr. Osborne's office and told the tale of catching me red handed. I told them both that I didn't have anything on me so we could just let this whole thing drop and I would leave. Mr. Osborne wasn't buying that for a minute and said I had no items because security had already confiscated the items and they had footage. Security left and I plopped on the couch trying to talk my way out of things, but Mr. Osborne pulled out his phone and showed me the evidence they had recorded and I knew I was screwed. Mr. Osborne gave me two options on how he could proceed... option one was calling the cops and option two was discipline of his choice. I told him I was on probation so I would take option two. Mr. Osborne pulled me over his lap and started spanking me, much to my surprise! I figured I could endure what he was going to dish out and it would be over soon enough. As the spanking continued, he did something I wasn't expecting... he went to pull my pants down and things just got worse for me. Mr. Osborne was shocked to see another pair of pants. I tried to explain that I was layering because it was cold, but he saw the store tag still on them. To make things even worse, there was another pair under them. Busted! He pulled them all down and spanked me even harder over my panties. He decided that wasn't humiliating enough so he wedgied my panties up into my butt crack until they started to tear! The spanks kept coming and my panties were pulled down, leaving me exposed and embarrassed! Mr. Osborne wasn't done with me yet. He told me to remove all of the pants, underwear and he would return shortly to finish up. I stripped down and Mr. Osborne returned with a scary looking leather strap. I got on my tummy and tried to prepare for what was coming. Mr. Osborne got to work taking the strap to my bare bottom. He scolded me between swats. I apologized and told him I wouldn't steal anymore and he assured me that he was going to make sure that would be the case. The strap landed harder and faster until he felt I had learned and was genuinely apologetic. He told me to get dressed and stay out of his store. I started to get dressed and let him know I would not be back!
This video has a couple behind the scenes moments at the end just for laughs. We hope you enjoy!
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