Caning For The Maid Full - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Caning For The Maid Full - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Caning For The Maid Full - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/MP4

Model: Amy
Studio: Red Cheeks Studios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:14:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 735,3 MB

Description: The clumsy maid, Amy, has had her butt spanked and paddled hard. Her cheeks and thighs are glowing deep red and showing a few marks, but now she is going to get caned. He bends her over the chair and and takes aim with a whippy rattan cane. The first stroke makes Amy jump and wiggle around, gasping for air as the sting shakes through her. But He is still very cross with her and begins to administer a thorough thrashing, each stroke making her dance and wiggle around, rubbing her stinging bottom, which is now showing some welts and lines from the cane. He declares that he should have done this long ago and that she should thank him for it, so soon poor Amy begins to thank him after each biting lash. The thrashing continues, her butt is now welted and blazing red, and looking like its on fire. He strips her of her remaining clothes and pulls down her garters and stockings and resumes the caning with her naked and exposed. Amy is gasping for breath and clearly struggling to handle the pain, but after each stroke she thanks him and assumes the position again for the next one. Still he carries on whacking her swollen and welted cheeks with his thick, bendy rattan cane. She dances, hops and wiggles and squirms with each stroke but he seems relentless in carrying on with the caning, and certainly appears pleased with the resulting behavior. However, when he checks with Amy that she remembers the correct order for pouring his tea, she gets it wrong again. Naturally he is very cross again, and resumes his hard thrashing. After countless strokes, he eventually informs her that he will give her a final six hard strokes to makes sure she has learned her lesson. He delivers the last six strokes very hard indeed, its a wonder that Amy is able to still thank him and assume her position for the next one. Finally, it is over and she rubs her blazing ass, picks up her clothes and is dismissed out of the room to go and make him another of tea.
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