The Family Meeting, Full: Katie-jane And Joey Brown Spanked By Miss Kelley And Stephen Lewis - Miss Kelley May - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover The Family Meeting, Full: Katie-jane And Joey Brown Spanked By Miss Kelley And Stephen Lewis - Miss Kelley May - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist The Family Meeting, Full: Katie-jane And Joey Brown Spanked By Miss Kelley And Stephen Lewis - Miss Kelley May - Full HD/MP4

Model: Kelley May, Pandora Blake
Studio: Miss Kelley May

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:30:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,2 GB

Description: (This video is what Kelley describes as her "magnu opus." It has EVERYTHING and every possible pairing! As far as we know, this is the only video of its kind that exists. It's half an hour long, and very special. The vibe is truly disciplinary and emotional. The camera quality and lighting is top notch, and everyone just looks beautiful!)

Katie and Joey are in big trouble. They have just been brought home from an underground rave by the police! Had the officer that apprehended them not been a friend of their step-father's (Stephen Lewis), they could have easily been arrested and charged.
Step-mom Kelley and Step-dad Stephen are very upset with Katie and Joey's poor decision making. They hadn't had to deal with serious misbehavior since both of them were punished months ago for hosting a party while the parents were out of town. They've decide a family meeting is in order.
The guilty pair are summoned to stand in front of their disappointed parents and thoroughly scolded for their reckless behavior. Normally Kelley handles their discipline, but the escalated severity of this situation demands both parents' involvement at this juncture!
Kelley spanks first Joe and then Katie over her knee, bare bottomed while the other watches. Stephen then does the same. Stern lectures of deep and genuine concern for their safety are expressed throughout the spankings. Katie and Joey at first are embarassed to be punished in such a manner, but that embarassment quickly turns into a much bigger concern about how much the spanking hurts!
After Kelley has finished with her hand, both teenagers are instructed to then kneel up on the sofa, side by side, for a good dose of Kelley's hairbrush that leaves their bottoms bright red. This is followed by a caning from Stephen as he emphasizes not only the folly of the choices they made tonight, but the trust they eroded by lying to their parents and sneaking out. To ensure that these two do not put themselves in comparable or worse trouble again, the canings conclude with hard strokes that leave both siblings striped and truly remorseful!
The scene ends with apologies and hugs all around. The well chastened Katie and Joey then contritely sulk up the stairs and Kelley and Stephen take solace in each other's arms having exercised this unpleasant, but necessary part of parenting.
This clip follows the same family from "The Blame Game parts 1 & 2" and leans strongly into hurt/comfort through the act of administering loving discipline from a place of parental concern. The fantastic scolding is artfully interwoven throughout the entire scene. The camera films Kelley's and Stephen's faces, and the backs of Katie's and Joe's heads and the clip is filmed from mostly one angle. Viewers may feel as though they are spying on this family meeting from a window. What a sight to behold! Or you may wish to imagine yourself as Katie or Joey facing Kelley and Stephen for your misdeeds.

This is a clip for fans of Kelley May, Stephen Lewis, Katie Jane, Joey Brown, real life couples (Kelley and Stephen are married in real life), domestic discipline, family scenes, hurt/comfort, scolding, parental discipline, witnessed punishments, siblings punished, hairbrush spankings, canings, and all of the different spanking pairings.

Smaller clips of this video will become available for those not interested in the entire thing (we realize it's long!). But for the full experience, we really recommend the entire thing.
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