Auntie Kelley And Reyna, Full Video: Reyna Spanked To Tears After Mouthsoaping - Miss Kelley May - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Auntie Kelley And Reyna, Full Video: Reyna Spanked To Tears After Mouthsoaping - Miss Kelley May - HD/MP4
Screenlist Auntie Kelley And Reyna, Full Video: Reyna Spanked To Tears After Mouthsoaping - Miss Kelley May - HD/MP4

Model: Kelley May, Reyna St. Clair
Studio: Miss Kelley May

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:21:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: This video is INTENSE! It features a a VERY HARD naked spanking with hand, strap and paddle, with LOTS of exposure and humiliation built in. The scolding is intense, and the video ends with Reyna in REAL TEARS. The first few minutes of this video are filmed handheld with a tight POV perspective. If you are sensitve to that, we recommend sticking with just part 2. This is the combination of parts 1 and 2.

Reyna has been sent to stay with "Auntie" Kelley for the summer after a year of very bad behavior. She thinks this is just going to be a normal summer... and she is in for a very rude awakening...
We start with Reyna attempting to make herself some coffee and giving her Auntie Kelley a tremendous amount of attitude, backtalk and so bad language. Auntie Kelley thinks that its time Reyna understand how things are going to work this summer while they're together, so she grabs a wooden spoon out of the kitchen drawer, bends Reyna over the counter, and starts spanking her over her tight red leather pants.
Reyna protests, pleading and struggling and unfortunately for her, using more foul language. Well, Kelley has had enough of that, and she drags Reyna by the ear into the bathroom-- and the "oh damn" look of realization on Reyna's face is priceless!
In the bathroom Auntie Kelley decides Reyna doesn't need to be wearing any of this clothes and so she strips her completely naked right then and there. She then lathers up the soap and then washes Reyna's mouth out THOROUGHLY making sure to really get the soap in there. While holding on to the soap in her mouth, Reyna then has to bend over and hold on as Kelley takes her bathbrush to Reyna's now completely bare bottom.
Kelley scolds the entire time, making her displeasure with Reyna's behavior very clear!
Auntie Kelley is no where near done with this young lady yet. Reyna has a lot to learn still about how this summer is going to go and what the consequences of breaking Kelley's rules are. First Kelley takes her time standing over the naked Reyna as she sits on the bed giving her a very thorough scolding about how her dangerous and reckless behavior will no longer be tolerated.
"Naughty girls don't get clothes, they don't get privacy, and they certainly don't get to sit down comfortably."
Kelley lays the gorgeous Reyna out on the bed, her hips propped up by pillows, raising her round bottom to just the right height for Kelley's mean leather strap. Kelley straps her over and over again, turning her bottom from pink to bright red quite quickly. She pauses only to spread Reyna's naughty bottom cheeks apart, exposing her most intimate areas in the most humiliating of ways.
But Kelley decides that position isn't quite embarassing enough and that Reyna needs to be fully exposed. So she has the naked girl kneel up on all fours, her chest down into the bed, ass high in the air, legs spread slightly apart so that EVERYTHING is on display for anyone to see. The most humiliating position possible. Reyna's bright red bottom is completely helpless up in the air and her bottom hole and pussy are completely on display for anyone to see.
Kelley switches from the strap to a small spoon shaped paddle, perfect for getting every inch of Reyna's perfect bottom. Reyna cries out and squirms, but Kelley isn't deterred, delivery hard swat after swat to Reyna's helpless and now very sore bottom.
At one point Kelley even moves to the foot of the bed to admire the view and emphasize to the naughty girl just how exposed she is.
Kelley then lays Reyna back down over more pillows for the hardest part of the spanking yet: the wooden paddle! The paddle swats come down on the now bright red bottom stroke after stroke as Reyna cries out. Kelley then switches back to the smaller paddle, sitting next to Reyna and wrapping her arm around her waist to hold her in place. She then lays into her HARD. Reyna's bottom starts to show bruises as the paddle falls and soon Reynas cries turn to REAL TEARS.
Auntie Kelley pulls Reyna up to kneel on the bed facing her, gently pulling her hair to have her look up at her. You can see the mascara streaks under Reyna's eyes as she looks up at Kelley with complete trust and submission.
Kelley then lays her back down on the bed for the final punishment-- the promised and dreaded tawse. Auntie Kelley stripes Reyna's sore red bottom with the tawse until Reyna's tears have turned to sobs. Kelley then pulls Reyna up into her arms for a long hug, giving her all the forgiveness and comfort she so clearly craves and needs.

This video is absolutely amazing for anyone who enjoys a hard spanking, real tears, mouthsoaping, and/or humiliation and embarassment elements. Reyna St Clair is an absolute star! Spectacularly gorgeous, and an absolute glutton for punishment and humiliation. Kelley is at her strictest (this is the same "Auntie" from the Luke videos if you enjoyed those) and does some of her sternest scolding in this video. Never mean, always caring no-nonsense discipline. Reyna and Kelley are good friends in real life, and Reyna loves embarassment/humiliation so this scene totally fit her interests. She wanted to do a hard scene and Kelley was more than happy to oblige! You can see their connection and care for one another throughout the video, particularly the end. While the spanking is hard/severe and the scolding is blistering, that trust and remains clear the entire time.
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