Spanking Bunnie Stevens The Slutty Maid - restrainedelegance - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

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Cover Spanking Bunnie Stevens The Slutty Maid - restrainedelegance - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
Screenlist Spanking Bunnie Stevens The Slutty Maid - restrainedelegance - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

Model: Helen Stephens
Studio: restrainedelegance

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:34:56
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 3,7 GB

Description: Bunnie Stevens (aka Helen Stephens) isn't a great maid, it has to be said. She's quite lazy, and she's prone to taking a mile if given an inch. Her latest trick is to try to con one of her regular customers, Hywel, out of a day's work. She came to his flat and cleaned it yesterday, didn't do a great job, and is planning to show up today, do a desultory 15 minute clean, then make a quick exit to meet up with her friends for lunch. Tidy a few cushions, get off early.
Unfortunately for Bunnie, her employer is working from home today! Hywel is quite surprised to see her, given that she had already billed him for yesterday's cleaning. She hastily invents a story about doing a "Deep clean" as a special offer for the same price as her normal day's work. Unfortunately he heard her on the phone when she arrived bragging that she was going to blag a day's pay for just 15 minutes.
Without further ado, he hauls her over his knee for the first step in a good disciplinary spanking. He reddens the cheeks of her beautiful round bum with a fusillade of blows until her arse is glowing a nice healthy cherry red colour, with her still in her sexy maid uniform and black panties.
When he brusquely pulls the panties down she knows she's not getting away with anything today. And there's a subtext of sexual tension going on - could it be that there is more to this situation than meets the eye? He continues to spank her on her bare bottom as her cries start to echo off the walls of the flat- then he reaches for the wooden hairbrush!
The first stroke that lands takes her breath away, and it gets worse as he intensifies and speeds up the strokes until she is gasping. A little pause for interrogation - is she going to hold to her invented story or is she going to confess? She can hardly keep a straight face as she again protests that it was going to be a deep clean, she wasn't trying to rip him off at all! He notices how grubby the soles of her bare feet are - surely not the mark of a flat that was properly cleaned yesterday? Exactly how bad a job HAS she been doing?
But why IS she cleaning his flat in a skimpy maid's uniform, barefoot? There's more to this relationship than meets the eye! He looks her up as he makes her stand at the kitchen island and clean her soles, then inspects her feet closely - has she done a good job of THAT cleaning, at least? And now her panties come off completely and he decrees more punishment - the bamboo birch, to be administered to her completely naked!
For a moment he breaks character, grabs hold of her in a close hug and whispers to her that she's got to do a bit of a better job of the cleaning sometimes or he might ACTUALLY have to fire her... were it not for the fact that she's so hot. And then it is back to stern disciplinarian and penitent maid for a good hard thrashing with the bamboo birch!
This film consists of cinematic edit of the whole story which runs for approximately 12:30 minutes. Then the spanking sections are presented in full in each of the three camera views: bum cam, face cam and wide cam so you can pick your favourite angle to enjoy the whole scene without distractions.
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