Sinn, Chelsea Pfeiffer in the video: Indiscreet (Full clip) - spanksinn - LQ/WMV

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Cover Indiscreet - spanksinn - LQ/WMV
Screenlist Indiscreet - spanksinn - LQ/WMV

Model: Sinn, Chelsea Pfeiffer
Studio: spanksinn

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:07:57
Resolution: 320x240
Size: 25,9 MB

Description: Sinn is caught with her pants to speak. Chelsea comes home from a dinner party a little earlier than expected and finds her young roommate fully engaged in watching a porn video. Not only was Sinn watching porn, but she was masturbating to it, too! Sinn should have been more discreet, it's true. Especially since she knew that Chelsea hates pornography in her home
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