Sarah Gregory in the video: Lily's Mistake (Full clip) - sarahgregoryspanking - HD/WMV

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Exclusive Cover Lily's Mistake - sarahgregoryspanking - HD/WMV
Screenlist Lily's Mistake - sarahgregoryspanking - HD/WMV

Model: Lily Swan, Sarah Gregory
Studio: sarahgregoryspanking

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:10:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 313,2 MB

Description: Lily has really messed up this time; she has shipped the cane and paddle order to the wrong address. The lovely BDSM couple ordered a huge box of spanking implements, but Lily made a mistake when shipping it out and put the wrong address on the package; THE CHURCH. How humiliating this was to have this order being sent to the town church. Sarah cannot have her employees making mistakes like this. Lily will now get to experience how much a spanking can really hurt when used to teach her a lesson in making mistakes. Sarah spanks Lily over her skirt, then on her bare bottom with her hand before using a thick leather strap on her and finishing up with the cane.
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