Sarah Gregory in the video: Spanking Interrogation (Full clip) - sarahgregoryspanking - SD/WMV

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Exclusive Cover Spanking Interrogation - sarahgregoryspanking - SD/WMV
Screenlist Spanking Interrogation - sarahgregoryspanking - SD/WMV

Model: Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht
Studio: sarahgregoryspanking

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:40:26
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 615,4 MB

Description: Sarah Gregory is arrested by police officer Dana Specht and sits handcuffed to a chair while Dana questions her alleged criminal activity. Sarah isn't talking and Dana persists with questions and evidence until she finally has enough of her foul mouth and backtalk. Dana takes the cuffs off, turns Sarah over her knee and spanks her but she's still not admitting any wrong doing. A strip search follows with a full body cavity search. Sarah is then strapped, paddled and caned until she eventually confesses.
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