Elle Bea in the video: Sister Spanking (Full clip) - sarahgregoryspanking - HD/WMV

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Exclusive Cover Sister Spanking - sarahgregoryspanking - HD/WMV
Screenlist Sister Spanking - sarahgregoryspanking - HD/WMV

Model: Sarah Gregory, Elle Bea
Studio: sarahgregoryspanking

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:13:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 404 MB

Description: Sarah is ashamed and disgusted by her younger sister's behavior at dinner. Sarah has brought her fianc to family dinner and younger sister, Elle, is not only flirting with him, but is dressed very inappropriately. Sarah takes methods into her own hands. Once dinner is over, she goes to Elle's room, chastises her for this rude and disgusting behavior. She takes little sister over her knee for a very hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Elle's bottom turns a bright shade of red. I am sure she won't be acting like a little slut again.
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