Pov Spanked - Caught Fooling Around - TheDaceyHarlot - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Pov Spanked - Caught Fooling Around - TheDaceyHarlot - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Pov Spanked - Caught Fooling Around - TheDaceyHarlot - Full HD/MP4

Model: Dacey Harlot, Roxie Rae
Studio: TheDaceyHarlot

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:09:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 718,2 MB

Description: It's Wednesday afternoon and Dacey's snuck you into her bedroom to fool around while her Step-Parents are busy down stairs.  They shouldn't hear you guys if you're quite, plus they never really check on you guys.  Dacey hops onto the bed and playfully takes off her top revealing her beautiful breasts eager to get started.  Just as she is about to jump on top of you her Step-Mom Roxie bursts in the room.  Shocked that her step-mom just caught her and her boyfriend about to have sex Dacey scrambles to cover her self up.  

Roxie furiously throws Dacey's shirt at her screaming at her to cover herself up.  Dacey knows the rules no boys in the bedroom.  Almost as soon as Roxie starts yelling at her scrambling to put her top back on Dacey quickly snaps back "You're not my real mom and you can't tell me what to do!"  Only further irritating Roxie.  "I may not be your real mom but I can still Punish you like your real  mom!"  Grabbing Dacey by the wrist she tosses her to the other side of the bed right in front of you.  "That's right you're getting this punishment right now young lady"  Confused you try to leave but Roxie stops you. "Oh, no mister you're going to watch this and you're getting it too! You're just as responsible as she is!" 

Roxie tosses Dacey over her lap.  Wearing nothing but her tight purple panties Dacey's Bare Cheeks are left completely exposed and Roxie starts right away Spanking her Bare Bottom Hard and Fast asserting her dominance.  Roxie Spanks and Scolds Dacey's soft white Bottom until she's begging her to stop.  Once she's allowed to stand up Dacey's Bottom is bright red and covered in hand prints.  Roxie tells Dacey to stand facing the wall and quit whining as she looks at you and tells you to take your pants off because you're next.  She takes you over her knee and begins administering the Punishment.  Right in front of you is Dacey rubbing her sore Bottom.  The Spanking coming your way is going to he a sever one.  The more she Spanks and yells the Harder she's Hitting and she's got a lot of built up aggression.
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