Booty Battle With Lydia And Cali - Cali Logan - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Booty Battle With Lydia And Cali - Cali Logan - SD/MP4
Screenlist Booty Battle With Lydia And Cali - Cali Logan - SD/MP4

Model: Cali Logan, Lydia Vengeance
Studio: Cali Logan

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:16:49
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 366,6 MB

Description: After all these years, Cali Logan has a plan to bring down Lydia Vengeance and humiliate her! While talking to her friend on the phone, Cali describes how she is going to pull down Lydia's hot pants and give Lydia a lot of wedgies to embarrass her! Cali is even going so far into this plan that she demonstrates by pulling down her tight gym shorts and pointing her thonged ass at the camera on how she's going to point Lydia's ass at the camera and spank her and humiliate her. She's going to record the whole humiliator on her phone and send it to her friend in order to show proof that she totally will embarrass Lydia for all to see.

While Cali has her back turned and bragging about how much she's going to embarrass Lydia, Lydia walks up slowly behind Cali and smiles and winks at the camera, her tight blue and red two-piece sports outfit giving a perfect visual imagination to her curves. Lydia smiles and licks her hand slowly, before rearing it back and smacking Cali's asscheek hard, catching Cali completely off guard! Cali gets surprised by Lydia's intrusion of her master plan. Lydia reaches behind and is able to catch Cali's thong sticking up a little pit after Cali tries to pull her shorts up quickly.

Cali is angered and decides to seek vengeance on Lydia (no pun intended). She grabs Lydia by the crotch through her tight red and blue shorts hard and doesn’t let go. Lydia cries that was a low blow and isn't fair, but Cali doesn't take any heed and gets behind Lydia so she can add more of an insulting and painful leverage to Lydia. Cali pushes Lydia hard up against the computer desk and without hesitation, pulls down Lydia’s tight shorts, exposing Lydia’s bare ass in perfect view for the camera!

Lydia tries to reach behind herself to pull them up, but Cali grabs Lydia's arms and holds them in front so Lydia can’t pull her shorts up. Lydia is crying and looking back at her bare ass, trying to jump away and pull her arms out of Cali's grip. Her ass is jigging with every jump and squirm and Cali is laughing at how bare-assed and jiggly Lydia's asscheeks are. Lydia begs Cali over and over again to pull her shorts back up, and finally Cali does so, only to pull them up hard from behind in a super atomic wedgie! Lydia cries about the vinyl material of her shorts not feeling too great against her butthole, but Cali decides to walk her around the room a bit, controlling her by her wedgie. Cali pushes Lydia up against the bed and bends her over before sitting on the bed and cranking the wedgie even harder, much to the torment of poor Lydia. Cali laughs as she stretches the shorts out more in case they end up ripping, even though they are Lydia's favorite shorts.

With Cali completely humiliated and embarrassed, Lydia decides that it’s now time to take care of some dirty laundry. She grabs Cali by the back of her throng again and leads Cali to the laundry basket. Cali tries her best to stop Lydia's pushing of her towards the basket, but Lydia's strength and Cali's weakened, ice cold crotch is too much more Cali to overcome and soon Lydia dumps her headfirst into the laundry basket. Cali starts to kick her legs as Lydia gives her one final spank on the ass before leaving Cali helplessly kicking in the basket. Cali calls for help in despair and embarrassment as she is left with her legs kicking and her ass sticking out for everyone to see.

This clip runs 16.5 minutes long that contains wedgie fighting, ass jiggling, ice dropping in thongs, humiliation, spanking, and atomic wedgie control.
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