New Slave Alison - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

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Screenlist New Slave Alison - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

Model: Alison Rey
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:30:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: There's a knock at the door..Mistress Maria quickly answers the door and lets in the new girl. Her name's Alison and she's being tested out as our new slave/toy. Mistress Maria barks commands. Strip she says. Fold your clothes. Stand for inspection. I enter and grab the slut by the throat. Her arms stay folded behind her back. Her eyes roll back. I can feel that she likes being in this position. Naked, vulnerable, exposed...and used. I touch her...everywhere. I grab her face and have her open her mouth. I spit into it. She says 'Thank You'. Then I have get down on hands and knees...face pressed to Mistress Maria's boots...she kisses them. Then I have her lick my dirty boots clean. She eagerly uses her tongue. Then Mistress Maria collars her and walks her out on a leash...the slave crawling naked behind her. She leads her outsides and walks her to the dungeon and stands her in the corner. I approach. I have her place her hands behind her back, stand on tiptoes and place her nose against the wall...ass out. Then I have the slave crawl back and forth between Mistress Maria and myself until I have sit sit on her heels at her Mistress' feet...looking up at her expectantly. I join them....bringing my crop. As she stays at my feet, hands on her thighs in her submissive position, Alison gets a taste of the crop. Little swats and flicks... on her breasts, inner thighs and pussy. She takes this well. Mistress stands against the wall with Alison standing in front of her. I have her suck my fingers...before I jam them into her ass and pussy. Now she's ready for her accessory. I insert a pretty royal blue jeweled plug in her ass. Alison takes it well...and holds her ass cheeks spread open. Then the little slut nuzzles and worships me...kneeling at my feet and rubbing her face and mouth on my crotch. Showing her willingness and eagerness to fully serve. Then she gives the same treatment to Mistress' ass. Finally Mistress handcuffs the slave's hands behind her back... Her Mistress pushes her face into my crotch and she eagerly nuzzles me. Then Mistress returns with big ball-gag that she stuffs into the slave's mouth. We attach her to the wall by her collar and leave her for a while. I return alone to play with the slave for a while. I feel her pussy ...grab her face and tell her to open her mouth...and then I spit into it. She swallows and thanks me. I give her ass a nice spanking, and she's properly grateful for that as well. Then I use the flogger on her...and it nicely reddens her ass. Then I use the rubber cane...little sharp smacks...testing her out... I use the crop on her cute young ass...adding some stripes to its already pink state. Then I turn her around and have her look straight ahead as I touch and finger her snatch.Then her plugged ass gets more attention...this time with a thick leather strap. When I'm done punishing her ass I have her assume her submissive kneeling position. I approach and let her worship my crotch with her hands and face. When I'm done with that I have her crawl to me and into the house...where Mistress and I sit on the couch. Alison crawls up and places her face in Mistress Maria's lap and her ass is conveniently in mine. I play with her and fondle her as Mistress and I causally chat... ignoring our cute little slutty slave. After all, she's just a toy...a thing that's there for our pleasure and amusement.
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