Lesbian Prison - Full Film - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Lesbian Prison - Full Film - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Lesbian Prison - Full Film - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Mila Grant, Roxy Elixir, Mistress Inka
Studio: Carnal Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 01:07:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,2 GB

Description: Mila is still in Prison for smuggling. She has been caught again by the guards as she sells contraband to other prisoners. The behavior must be stopped.Roxy and Inka are well known in the prison for being sadistic bitches. They like to undress the girls and humiliate them, verbally and physically. The Prison guards are on a power trip and know that they can do whatever they want with the pretty prisoners. They really get off knowing that the prisoner is thoroughly humiliated and in pain, it satisfies their twisted desires, and they discuss at length what they are going to do to the prisoners, becoming ever more excited to implement their sick plan.The prisoner is kept in the basement, waiting for the punishment and interrogation, cold and afraid, she is kept waiting for her torment to ensue.When the guards arrive, they are not holding back as Mila quickly realizes that she is in a very difficult situation. With her hands bound over her head, there is little she can do to defend herself.The guards start to humiliate her and undress her, all the while scratching and slapping her.When the guards take off their gloves, they reveal long sharp nails, which they intend on using freely all over Mila's body.The guards continue to spit in Mila's face, whilst pressing themselves against her naked body, all the time, the guards are groping and slapping Mila, so hard they are sure that the prisoner will give up the information.Mila is not so easily swayed so the guards decide that she must be punished until she is completely broken and ready to give up the information, that means the whip must be used. The guards, begin with some harsh blows, so that the prisoner knows that there will be no mercy, the guards then continue the punishment with a double whipping and more humiliation.The next day, Mila is still a captive in her lesbian prison interrogation. Mistress Inka and Roxy, will not go easy on her. The prison guards love to play with the pretty ones and like to take their time to enjoy the process. During the second day of the interrogation, the guards begin the process by having the captive in a cage, waiting for her demise. The guards return, ready to humiliate Mila once more.  The guards begin by verbally humiliating Mila and making her strip down.When she is in her underwear, the guards know she is submissive and ready to do as she is told. The guards ask Mila to lick their boots, which she does, eagerly, and thoroughly. The guards, then begin to toy with her further by smothering her face in their leather crotches and asses.With the face smothering, the guards decide that it's not enough, and begin to smack her with the belt whilst smothering and kicking her. Mila has endured a lot of punishment so far, but she has not yet given up the name of the woman who helped her. Finally, the guards, have had enough and bring her into the punishment area where they put her on a spanking bench and humiliate her by touching, groping, and biting her. They decide to use the belt to give a strict punishment, but Mila doesn't give up. The guards (not so) secretly enjoy punishing and playing with the prisoners, as they become more excited, they decide to put their fingers inside the prisoner, to watch her squirm.After another few rounds of the belt, teach Mila a lesson she will never forget, and she eventually caves.
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